Dealing with Coronavirus Outbreak: Mobile App Can Help To Stay Safe

Dealing with Coronavirus Outbreak Mobile App Can Help

Coronavirus is a serious threat to people’s health and has become fatal. Experts, scientists, doctors are doing rigorous efforts to make a vaccine to cure coronavirus, but no success as per reports. In the meanwhile, precautionary measures are the most important and can be achieved with mobile app development technology to spread awareness regarding this deadly disease cure.

What is Coronavirus?

The existence of this epidemic virus was first detected in the city of Wuhan China in early December. This virus is named as Covid-19 and belongs to the coronavirus family, which spreads from human-to-human through touch & other respiratory viruses. Medical experts are comparing it with the historical plague causing severe acute respiratory syndrome killing 800 people.

What is the origin of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is very much related to the virus found in bats, medical experts believe that bats are the real reason and the outbreak happened from the Wuhan animal slaughter market. Initially, it has been transmitted through bats but the major reason for its terrifying spread is the human-to-human transmission.

How Coronavirus Spread?

Doctors believe that viruses usually spread through the droplets of saliva or mucus obtained from sneezing or coughing. When a person sneezes, the body fluid released can travel up to several feet and stay in the atmosphere for around 10 minutes.

A person coming in contact with the droplets or touches the surface where the infected droplets are present might get infected by the coronavirus. The virus can survive up to a few hours or days on the surface.

So, a big question that comes in the mind is what to do? How to address such a drastic situation? The solution is technology. If it can’t cure still it can stop it from spreading and ultimately eliminating it permanently.

How a mobile app can help stop the Coronavirus outbreak?

The threat of mysterious coronavirus infection is turning out highly lethal. As this respiratory disease is spreading quickly, app development companies are building mobile app having remarkable features to spread awareness among the people to control the outbreak.

What important features a mobile app must include?

1. Update & News

The mobile app can be integrated with innovative technologies like AI, ML and IoT to identify early warnings regarding the coronavirus outbreak. All the relevant data must be inherited from various authentic sources including WHO, CDC, and others.

The app should fetch the data, reports and, other relevant information by other mediums. All the information is verified first before making it live on the app dashboard making the app a reliable source of information.

2. Real-time Map

The mobile app must perform real-time tracking of the coronavirus affected areas through real-time map integration. The number of cases is growing continuously and a map quickly identifies the spread of coronavirus. This helps the mobile app users to avoid visiting those places for safety.

This map provides the data from the regional health departments, WHO to identify a worldwide map of coronavirus affected areas. Once the health agencies identify the infected areas, the map API validates the data and updates it within the app. This whole process is possible because of the Rapid mobile app development services offered by an experienced team of developers. The map also pinpoints the areas where infected people are being treated and diagnosed. In addition to that, the map also shows the recovered cases, fatalities, and highly infected cases.

3. Possible Symptoms

The mobile app should display the symptoms of the coronavirus as mentioned by the WHO, NHS, and CDC. According to the cases reported the symptom of the infection of coronavirus usually seen in a period of 2 to 14 days. The app can assist in preventing the infection spread by letting people know the disease symptoms so that they can instantly consult a doctor when any symptom is observed.

The mobile app includes the following coronavirus symptoms:
• Shortness of breaths
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Runny nose
• Headache
• Fever

4. Coronavirus Precautions

Government agencies, medical service providers are consulting IT companies to hire mobile app developers to build mobile apps. The reason is most people have mobile apps and it is the biggest medium to spread awareness without being in physical contact. To control the coronavirus outbreak, people must be aware of the precautionary measures. The mobile app provides possible measures so that people can avoid being infected by the virus.

The major precautionary measures are:

• Wash your hands on a regular basis with an antiseptic hand wash or soap for 30 seconds.
• Rub your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer before touching your face, nose, and mouth.
• Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
• Avoid visiting places coming in the contact of the people infected with the coronavirus.
• If you are having coronavirus symptoms, avoid going out in the public to break the outbreak chain.
• Make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing and dispose of the tissue in the dustbin.
• Disinfect the objects on a regular basis with an antibacterial liquid to stay safe.

If you experience any of the symptoms then consult a doctor for a quick diagnosis of coronavirus. Install the mobile app to stay updated about the coronavirus outbreak and stay safe.

Wrapping Up

Finally, from above it clearly states that prevention is better than cure for coronavirus or any flu. Technological advancements can give us the strength to stay safe even in these dark days for human beings. We, at Mobibiz, have always helped our clients to overcome any sort of challenges and emerge victoriously.

Our Mobile app maintenance and digital solutions have helped businesses across different verticals to remain competitive in the time of disasters as well. Let’s show our strength and unite to fight this evil called coronavirus with mobile app technologies.

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