Why React Native is First Choice of Startups for App Development?

Why React Native is First Choice of Startups for App Development

When it is about building best-quality, creative, and influential mobile apps then React Native is the first choice to go with. Whether it’s for the iOS or Android app development, this framework has made things possible to build apps that can boost the native apps performance. Now for those who don’t know what actually is React Native? Then you are in the right place.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework known to integrate the concepts of web development into mobile app development. This is currently the trendiest development framework among the developers allowing them to build versatile apps with the support of current JavaScript data. Along with that, it offers cross-platform compatibility features allowing app developers to build cross-platform apps without compromising the quality.

React Native has the ability for faster and easier app development with interactive UX. This framework is perfect for those who are beginning their carriers as app developers since there is no need for learning additional rules. Now that we are talking about hybrid app development services, you should know that there are several other approaches too, which need to be kept in mind before moving ahead.

What A Start-Up Should Do?

To make things work for a start-up is quite a job, and when it involves app development, it becomes more complicated, so what should be done? Well, initially you need to check multiple factors like project ideas, services, and most importantly, framework.

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Since every person is attached to mobile apps, you need to offer them unique ideas and approaches to meet their needs. The idea and your mobile app have to stand out in every major functionality. Here are a few things that you need to consider while building an app for your start-up.

• The app idea should be unique & impressive
• Should provide a specific solution
• Should integrate with all OS

Advantages of React Native for Mobile App Development

1. Fast Development

In comparison to other frameworks used by App development company, React Native is one of the fastest and provides incredible services to the users. However, the fast development relies on multiple factors, including the number of stacks you are using, the type of mobile app you are building and several others as well.

2. Advanced Security

React native core development language is JavaScript, which means there are fewer chances of any data breach or flaws. Hacking into the apps that are powered by React Native is nearly impossible which makes this framework quite reliable for brands in terms of security.

3. Cross-Platform Compatible

React Native is the only framework having features to build native apps for cross platforms including, Android and iOS. Along with that, the developer has the liberty to make an app and make it run on multiple platforms.

4. Hot Reload

There is no need to rerun the whole application on a regular basis if small changes in the source code are made on the React Native framework. With a hot reload feature, all the changes can be verified in real-time without affecting the performance.

5. Single Code Base

The best thing about the React Native framework is fast development. This is all because of “Write once, use it everywhere.” This clearly indicates React Native App development, can work exceptionally well on both the Android and iOS platforms without any sort of trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the major difference between the React Native and Hybrid apps?

React Native apps runs natively in contrast to the Hybrid apps. That means the React Native apps are not limited to the web-based UI elements.

2. What are the advantages of React Native for startups?

There are several benefits for startups if they opt for React Native. Some of them are mentioned below:
• Speedy app development
• Economical app development
• Native app-like feel

3. How to React Native app wins over the Hybrid app?

The major reason is that React native offers the latest performance as well as quality that you can’t expect from the framework that runs on Web View components.

4. Why you should not go with Hybrid App Development?
Low Performance

When it is about the performance, Hybrid apps are not as competitive as React Native. This is because, Hybrid apps add a layer between the source code and targeted platform, which affects the overall app performance.

Complex Debugging

The extra layer in which Hybrid development builds around it makes the debugging approach a bit difficult. Due to this, the developers have to rely on the framework to use the operating system. Also, it is not always important that the developers would have proper knowledge of the chosen platform, finding the exact reason behind the problem would be quite long.

Difficulty to Add Features

If you wish success for your startup, then it is important to utilize all the latest software features. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback of the Hybrid app is that it is a tough task to add new features in Hybrid.

Thankfully, React Native is present to address all these issues in a proper manner. That’s why it is the topmost choice of mobile app developers.

Wrapping Up

React Native is a leading framework for mobile app development. Due to its innovative features & secure ecosystem, the quality of the mobile app is promising as well as cross-platform compatible. So, if you are working for a startup and want to build a cross-platform mobile app, then simply hire Mobile app developer from a reputed development company. It is the best option for you to launch your start-up. Share your idea with the experts and they will transform it into a mobile app reality.

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