7 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Too Often

7 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Too Often

Doing mistakes is part of life as nobody is perfect. App developers are no exception but some of these developer mistakes are more severe than others. Whether it costs you time, money, or both, these errors are annoying.

No app development company intends to make a mistake during the development process. 99% of the mistakes could be easily avoided if the developer knew about them in advance. Before you start a new development project, you need to review these common blunders. By avoiding app development mistakes, you have full chances of building a successful app.

1. Ignoring User Needs

You have a business plan, and an engaging idea but still not getting appropriate results. Unfortunately, engaging mobile app isn’t sufficient to be successful in the mobile world. One of the major mistakes a business owner commit is not clearly understanding the target audience’s needs, and doing proper research to know what are their requirements.

2. Poor Budget Management

Not managing the budget in the right manner is another common developer mistake. There are a few reasons behind it:

• Inaccurate budget estimation.
• Failure to plan the cost of the project.
• Unexpected expenses.

It’s important to have a rough idea of Android app development services cost from the start. You can use tools and consult different companies to get an accurate estimate. But the initial development isn’t the only parameter you need to consider. Other phases need to be taken into consideration as well when you’re creating an app budget.

3. Missing MVP

Going straight into the final product is another common blunder made by the app developers. A minimum viable product will help to test the app and analyze its performance. During the MVP development, the app will include only essential features. An MVP is not an experiment for your app. This is another common app mistake. So if you’re building a mobile app for improving the employee efficiencies, a dating app isn’t a feasible MVP.

Instead, you need to focus on the mobile app’s core components. Such as building individual employee log-in functionality and the facility to send push notifications for any sort of announcements. As development moves to the next phase, new features like access to payroll information and benefits can be added.

4. Neglecting UI/UX Build

Sometimes the developers focus on the development process and keep other parameters aside. Neglecting the mobile app UI/UX design of an app is a mistake that needs to addressed on an urgent basis.

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People have expectations from the app home screen. Most of the successful apps have smooth navigation, a search bar, and the home menu. Sometimes developers try to make UI too creative, which ultimately impacts the user experience. Technically, that’s not incorrect. People can design an app however they want to. But the users become annoyed with the design since it’s not what they are expecting.

5. Building for Multiple Platforms

Depending on your app purpose, you want to make it available for the different target audiences. While this has benefited from the marketing purpose but it can create challenges for the developers. If you’re following a traditional native mobile app development approach, creating an app for the different OS will double your budget. Rather than going for multiple platforms, stick to just one platform if you’re building a native app.

Alternatively, you can opt for the cross-platform mobile app. This will reduce the development costs and time duration while giving the functionality to create an app without writing the same code again.

6. Lack of Communication

One of the major reasons for mobile app failures is the lack of communication during the development process. Experts suggest that effective communication is extremely important to build a successful mobile app. Make sure if you hire mobile app developer, try to communicate with them on a regular basis for the best results.

The only way to address this mistake is by improving communication from the beginning. Keeping your partners, colleagues, development team, or whoever else updated with the project progress is important. You need to be clear at every stage of what your expectations are with the mobile app developer. Unhappy app users can cause a serious dent in brand reputation.

Depending on the size of the app development work, you can have daily, weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with the concerned team. A quick status update from each member of the team is usually enough to get the job completed.

7. Complicated Navigation

Your Mobile app should be smooth in navigation and engaging in design. Not only you want a mobile app to look engaging, but in addition, you want proper conversion. If your mobile app navigation is confusing, features are difficult to find or some features are not working properly, users will get frustrated and go to a different app. People prefer using a mobile app having smooth navigation with features that are engaging & unique. Integrating unique features within the mobile app is highly important to engage new and retain existing users.

Wrapping Up

Like any big project, app development is also annoying at times. Mobile app development mistakes occur multiple times and are common. But if you have the knowledge, you can easily avoid them altogether. Whether you’re designing an app on your own, looking to hire an app developer, avoiding the app development mistakes will save time, money, resources, and headaches in the long run.

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