Mobile App Marketing Tips To Improve Customer Engagement

Mobile App Marketing Tips To Improve Customer Engagement

In recent years, driving a new customer is the most challenging job for brands than maintaining their customers’ loyalty. Yes, growing the customer base of the users is one of the main milestones of any brand. And for that, engagement is highly important. A loyal customer plays a significant role in brand promotion.

Today’s reality is that to increase the brand engagement good strategy is very important apart from a powerful mobile app. For a mobile app to be effective, it is important that its development needs to be carried out with cutting-edge technology and that it comprises of strong and innovative functions for the user’s retention.

Now, app development companies are adding specific functions focused on users’ engagement with their brand to their mobile applications. Let’s see what they are:

1. Improve UX

User experience (UX) is an essential component of every mobile app ecosystem. Every developer should focus on creating an experience that doesn’t restrict the customer to perform the app’s important functions. Poor design and conceptual structure can take potential users away from the app. For users layout and design is the first point of engagement whereas the functionality comes at the later stage.

2. Push Notifications

Personalization is one of the most important optimization processes that can be achieved through push notifications. The reason personalization is so much value to an app is that it drives users. By using the right personalization, businesses can get desired results. However, Mobile app design services should use push notifications in a careful manner, since it becomes annoying, which can have a bad impact on the users using the app in general.

3. Smooth on Boarding

Provide a smooth onboarding experience to engage users to use the mobile app. The more you make the app navigation difficult like unnecessary steps to register and login, several fields, the more users will uninstall the app being frustrated.

• Reduce steps in account creation, and integrate social media sign up.
• Don’t overload users with unnecessary information.
• Provide an app video to make the users know the overall functionality of the app.

4. Simplicity & Scalability

One of the major challenges faced by app development company is making a product that’s both user-friendly as well as scalable. It has been observed, most of the successful apps not only looks amazing but functions smoothly. And with all the data, you can accomplish this task in an effective manner. For example, if you’re building an account-keeping app, efficiency inflow and ease of accessibility of records are always on priority.

5. Rewards & Referrals

The fact is most of the users download a mobile app to avail the first time discounts or special offers. Rewards including special coupons, not only engage the new users but also boost user retention and brand reputation. The offers completely depend on the services & solutions you are providing to the users through mobile apps. For example, E-commerce apps will offer special discounts and deals whereas on-demand apps like Uber offer referral discounts.

6. Social Media Friendly

Build an app that is actually social, means a user can easily share its experiences on different social media channels. People enjoy using apps having features to easily share as well as smooth signup through channels like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Enabling users to share the content always helps to promote the mobile app. It helps to gain the word of mouth popularity. Easy & smooth social sharing method makes the app more engaging and interesting for the target audience. This approach can be easily integrated within the mobile app, once you hire mobile app developer from a reputed development company.

These are some of the important tips that can help a mobile app to bring remarkable results for a business enterprise in terms of popularity, sales, revenue & ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I increase mobile app engagement?

• Steps for Increasing Mobile App Engagement
• Make the app onboarding process easy
• Send push notifications for users engagement
• Ask your app users for feedback
• Make prominent changes in the app’s UI
• Test, track, and improve your app

2. Do mobile apps increase sales?

Mobile apps boost sales, purchase frequency and the number of items sold not only on the retailer’s website but also in the stores. App users exhibit greater product returns. Mobile app users are likely to purchase a more diverse range of products.

3. How do you improve the app?

Try these tips to improve your app user experience and boost performance.
• Redesign Your Sign-up Screen
• Enhance Your Microinteractions.
• Add Controls and Transparency
• Integrate Social sharing
• Gather Qualitative Data

4. How is app engagement measured?

To do so, here are a few metrics to measure user engagement.
• Retention
• Number of downloads
• Time in the app
• Active app users
• Total number of users
• Session interval
• Session length
• Screen flow

5. How do I get more app downloads?

• Get the Basics Right.
• Implement ASO – App Store Optimization.
• Use a pricing strategy to get additional downloads.
• Use Pinterest for app promotion.
• Use videos for app promotion.

Wrapping Up

Marketing your app to the target audience is a very complex job that has several ins and out. By implementing the above-mentioned steps, you can definitely grow customer engagement and make your interaction with the users more meaningful. For better and fast results Mobile app marketing services can be availed from a reputed development agency having experience in the app development & promotion. Take expert assistance in case of any trouble as they are available round-the-clock.

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