5 Features To Include In Travel App Development For User Engagement

Travel App Development For User Engagement

The tourism industry is experiencing growth and popularity with the integration of technology. Today, people are using smartphones and tablets in researching and planning their vacation, work, and other travel plans. Travel app development has seen a huge growth in the last few years and with the trends this growth will increase at a rapid rate of 10 to 15 percent every year. All this has been possible because of technology.

How Mobile App Technology is Changing the Travel Industry?

The days of paper maps, guidebooks, route plans, and compasses are over. All these have been replaced by mobile apps having additional remarkable functionalities. No need to wait or plan for hours to set up the itinerary. All can be done with an app and it will handle all the major tasks.

Nowadays, most of the travelers own a smartphone. So the mobile apps provide numerous benefits for them as well as the app development company. The latter will be earning money & expanding their service portfolio if they design it as per the market needs. Travel app demand is growing and brands are making big investments.

What Elements Make a Successful Travel App?

For better understanding, in this blog 5 important features are listed to build a successful mobile app for the travel industry.

1. Geolocation Tracking

A travel app user after reaching their destination, want to find a hotel or relax in a cafe, this facility can be availed by using a geolocation feature. This is a great feature to track the location and find viable places nearby. It is easy to explore new places without depending on any local guide. Google provides Google Maps to implement this feature and is perfect to add in your travel app along with the routing options. This feature will add cost to your mobile app design services, but when you ignore this integration, the chances of your app getting fail is pretty high.

2. Social Media Sharing

A mobile travel app acts as a personal tool to a traveler, therefore it requires a personal account to access its features. You can gather information about your customers during the registration process, which helps in future engagement. Now to make the registration part more engaging, add the social media log in, this helps you to get access to their social profiles thus helping to build better engagement. People who travel share their experience via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That ultimately helps to promote your mobile app.

3. Search & Filter Options

Give your app users a smooth search feature so that they can find all the required data regarding the sightseeing, popular spots, big events, and city attractions, happening in an area. If this important feature is missing, the app user might get lost in the pool of different places. In addition, the important thing is to provide experience in finding spots and places to visit. You can offer AR features as well for your users, but to avail of this feature, you can hire Augmented reality app developers. These are some important features that will make your mobile travel app different from others available in the Google Play Store.

4. Offline Access

What if a person having your app goes on an international trip, and after landing, the first thing is to book a hotel, check a restaurant, or a nearby place to visit. While geolocation feature is the most important feature of a travel app, but to make it more engaging for travelers, including both online & offline access. Making your app operable offline is one of the most significant aspects of any travel app. And app development firms ensure this functionality to be accessed even without internet connectivity.

5. Weather Forecast

A lot of travelers book flights in a hurry not thinking about the weather forecast that can bring a change in unplanned journeys. To avoid such situations travel mobile app development companies should integrate a real-time weather forecast. Just to ensure the traveler has all the details about the upcoming weather predictions when they are planning a vacation. To get a better idea regarding such features, check out apps having weather reports of locations all over the world. It allows users to check cloud formation patterns, humidity and wind speed before planning trips.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a travel app?

Travel apps help users to find destinations, good flight, and hotel deals and book other services. Renowned apps like TripAdvisor provide travel guides and allow users to see reviews and ratings from travelers.

2. How much does it cost to make a travel app?

The cost of developing a travel app depends on the features you want to integrate within your app. The requirements you share with the developers and the total hours required to build an app helps to find out the total cost of development.

3. Which mobile platform is better for the travel app development process?

It completely depends on your business requirements and end-user solutions. If your user base is all over the globe, Android is the perfect platform and if your user base is mostly from the western world, iOS is appropriate for your app. Also, if you have in-app payment features, use iOS otherwise Android.

4. How do mobile apps benefit the travel & tourism industry?

There are several ways through which mobile apps are transforming the travel industry. Straight from cashless travel, online booking to 24*7 customer care support, without any geographical boundaries, the travel apps provide multiple reasons for the increase in demand.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when to make a travel plan people have to meet their travel agents. This is the time of technology where people can easily take care of their whole tour. By designing travel apps, Mobibiz can make the most out of this technical change. If you hire mobile app developer the app developed will bring more traffic and conversion than any websites. Such facts make it important to focus on building a dedicated travel app. We plan each step with proper care & research so that your app user get all features in a smooth manner.

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