8 Quick Tips To Get Your Mobile App Ready For The Festive Season

Quick Tips To Get Your Mobile App Ready For The Festive Season

As the Christmas and New Year season is approaching, it’s the perfect time to customize your mobile app to meet customer demands during the festive period. Giving the app perfect look and feel as per the holiday season attract more visitors and boost conversion as well. For a brand, this is the perfect opportunity that every business should capitalize on every cost. This complete makeover needs proper planning and expert guidance. Look for a reputed app development company, to implement some quick steps to give your mobile app a perfect makeover. In this blog, some quick tips to drive ROI and engage users are mentioned for the holiday season.

1. Add Festive Templates

The festive season is the time of the year when people do decorations and see bright colors everywhere. They want your app to have the same theme as well for better engagement. Give the mobile app design a festive makeover, with the implementation of bright colors, design elements, and 3D animation. These elements are eye-catchy revealing your brand as well as the deal highlights and discounts for the shoppers.

2. Optimize for Smooth Navigation

Driving users with the holiday-ready look are not the only agenda but also to deliver seamless user experiences as well. Hence, it is important to have a smooth running app, with every element functioning with optimized performance. The app should load fast and run smoothly throughout the holidays. For more assistance regarding the performance reach out to Mobile App Maintenance services. Also, focus on the clear visibility of the offers and deals to ensure users navigate easily to the holiday coupons.

3. Make Attractive Logo

A festive makeover will help a lot from the business perspective but do not limit it to the app design only. Make an attractive logo because this is the first thing that users get when they see your mobile app on the Play Store. A mobile app with a better-looking logo has a higher chance of getting accessed and downloaded by the users. This change also helps to grow the sales and business revenue.

4. Highlight Gift Products and Deals

Another cool idea that your mobile app development company will suggest is to highlight ideal gift recommendations and festive deals for the users to see. While their placement on the app UI matters, you can also go for an innovative idea such as a pop-up screen as soon as the user opens the app.

5. Innovative Push Notifications

Push notification is a perfect marketing strategy to connect with the customers and share information about the upcoming deals, launch offers, and discount coupons. You can even send target audience coupon codes using push notifications, which they can avail as they shop in-app. Just send them an engaging piece of content to bring them to shop.

6. Social Sharing Buttons

Engaging and making the customers shop is a tough job, seeing the countless options present. If you want a fast improvement and time is short, take the help of social media channels. Tell your outsourced Android App development company to integrate social sharing buttons. Users love sharing their experiences on social channels. Promote the deals and offers on the social pages and ask the users to visit your app. You can entice them with introductory deals and with referral coupons.

7. User Curiosity with a Calendar

You can explore the idea of having a countdown, teaser, or advent calendar on the app to generate excitement for the users. Have a deal or gift for every day and let the users experience the excitement of opening it every single day through the festive season. It will definitely have them returning for more.

8. Run Visitor Contest

Another popular strategy to boom your mobile app downloads and conversions is to run a contest for the visitors. It could be anything, from a simple game, a quiz to any other creative stuff. This is a perfect way to make the existing users stick and come back on a regular basis. You can promote the contest socially to drive new visitors in large numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How can mobile apps help your business?

Mobile apps are the best strategy to communicate and engage with the target audience. The app gives your customers the opportunity to interact with your business as per their requirements. With a referral program, you can reward your customers to refer your business and help in promoting your business.

Do mobile apps increase sales?

As per a survey, 40% of the people purchase through a mobile app as it is convenient and fast to load. Due to the fast processing, businesses can tap them to offer their promotions. Brands can introduce a loyalty program to grow sales and encourage spending among clients.

How can I grow my mobile business?

Here are a few prominent ways a mobile app could help you to boost your business.
• Be visible at all times
• Stand out from the competition
• Improve your customer service
• Provide value to customers
• Boost brand recognition
• Build and maintain loyalty
• Connect with busy customers


Being festive ready well in time is a great idea but you can still work out things if you do not have a head start. When it is about the mobile app that you are running for your business, make sure that you implement the right and uniform strategy as users love nothing more than a smooth experience.

At Mobibiz, we offer rapid mobile app development services for different needs. Not only do we offer impressive app solutions for your business needs but also keep your apps aligned as per the changing needs. If you want a festive makeover for your business app, connect with us and we will have it done for you.

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