Why React Native is the Best Framework for Mobile App Development?

React Native is the Best Framework for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development, customization, and migrations are the fastest-growing industry. The market is full of tech companies offering development services to small, medium and big enterprises. However, an important question that comes in the mind is to select a platform for mobile apps. There are several OS presents, but the most recognized are Android and iOS. Android is developed by Google and iOS is developed by Apple. Both these platforms have benefits and limitations, that makes selecting one even more difficult.

Business owners try to target both platforms and it is very tough, time-consuming and also costly for the developers to build different apps. To fix such a situation App development company build cross-platform apps. A cross-platform app is compatible to run on both OS; Android and iOS. To build cross-platform apps, there are several frameworks that offer quality features. One of them is React Native and developers are enjoying its features to build quality mobile apps. Here are a few reasons, why business enterprise outsource App development companies to build mobile apps that are compatible with all major platforms.

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How React Native is Making its Impact?

React Native helps the Mobile App development company to build unique, optimized, highly-secure mobile apps. Let’s discuss its features for better understanding.

1. One Codebase

With React Native libraries the app developer builds mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms with a single code. A large part of development time and overall development cost is saved with the usage of the React Native libraries. Using a single code can lower the efforts earlier needed for developing mobile apps for different platforms. This reduces the necessity to write the code, again and again, making the development process fast.

2. Fast App Development

React Native makes the app development process faster. Business enterprises planning to launch their mobile app on an urgent basis prefer reputed & fast development services. With multiple firms offering development services, it is advisable to hire a recognized or consult an Android App development company. The development time is reduced by around 30% using the react libraries. Creating a single code for both iOS and Android makes it faster and lowers the testing time as well.

3. Third-Party Plugin Integration

A number of times situation comes when it becomes essential to enhance the mobile app functionality. With React Native libraries it is simple to integrate third-party extensions for better functionality of the apps. React native allows the app developers to include device in-built features like GPS and Bluetooth in the mobile app. Integration of the third-party apps lowers the high memory usage and slow speed issue.

4. Reusable Component

In the initial stages of app development, mobile apps were built using WebView components. But after the React Native launch, the developers can build modules that are built with reusable components. These modules compile straight to native apps. React Native components have similar functionality as in the components of Android and iOS. Developers can maintain the look as per the platform requirement. In hybrid apps, the component-specific structure is missing but in React Native Apps, similar functionality is present to build agile, and a web-based app. The app developer now can build with speed and the integrated functionalities of the native mobile app.

5. Timely Updates

Developing mobile apps with React Native libraries has a huge advantage in terms of timely updates. A message regarding the update alert is sent to the user’s device without going through the update cycle from the app store. This is all because of the Javascript usage. Updating all the user’s apps on an urgent basis makes sure that no older version problems come at all. CodePush SDK when integrated with the React Native library allows push updates to the user’s device.

6. No Rewriting

The library allows the mobile app developers to include the Native components in the existing mobile app’s code. It means the developers no more have to write the code from the starting to move an existing mobile app to the React Native library. The customization of the existing app is done as per the needs of the business enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is react-native good for mobile app development?

The big reason to use React Native framework is to save time and money when going for the mobile app development. It allows using the same code for developing both Android and iOS mobile apps. Thus, it gives the same performance outcome without any additional changes.

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What programming language does react-native use?

React Native is based on React.js, which is written in JavaScript. This is a major benefit when it comes to the fact that JavaScript is such an extensive and renowned language that it’s very difficult to find a programmer who hasn’t used it.

What is the native framework?

A native application is a software code that is designed to use on a specific platform or device. Native apps can offer optimized performance and take benefit of the latest technology, including GPS, compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps developed to be generic across different systems.

Why Native apps are better?

Native apps are built for a specific platform, taking full benefit of the software and the OS features. These apps can directly use the device hardware such as the GPS, camera, and microphone hence they are faster in execution, ultimately resulting in better user experience.


There are various reasons why React Native is preferred by the business enterprises for mobile app development. If you are looking for a similar service, simply share your requirements with a development company and hire Android App developers having skills to build quality apps. They have all the resources to develop a high-quality, smooth and secure mobile app for your business requirements. Hopefully, you will be able to know the relevance of React Native and its remarkable features.

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