IoT Development Trends That Will Make It Big In 2023

IoT Trends In 2020

The Internet of Things has been around for quite a few years but it surfaced as a mainstream technology just a couple of years ago. However, it has come a long way. Today, it is used extensively as a part of several applications and uses cases across industries. With 2020 just around the corner, it is time to assess what lies ahead so that you can be ready ahead of the time. Whether you are planning to invest in an automation application or IoT app development, you must have clear expectations about what you really want from the solution. Before everything else, you should know what the technology is and how it can serve businesses and individuals.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an ecosystem of connected physical objects or “things” that are accessible through the internet. These connected things could range from a person using a wearable device to a home automation system to a connected automobile with built-in-sensors. Essentially, these objects are capable of collecting and transferring data over a network without manual intervention. The embedded technology helps them to interact with the external environment or internal states, which affects the decisions taken or actions.

Why IoT is Becoming Important?

IoT platforms are powerful when it comes to gathering data, analyzing it, and leveraging the insights for making better decisions for the business. This can bring down the operational costs, facilitate predictive maintenance, and reduce the possibility of errors. Overall, this can lead to enhancement of operations to the extent that it boosts productivity and drives proactive decisions that have a positive impact on the business.

What are the IoT Development Trends you can Expect to see in 2023?

IoT trends you can expect to see in 2020

Here are the upcoming IoT trends that are all set to make it big in 2020 and ahead.

Smart homes

The coming year is all set to witness the smart home revolution and IoT is the technology that works behind the curtain. After all, it is impossible to ignore the convenience and security that automated devices offer. Consumers are excited about using automation to control temperature, lighting, watering the plants and monitoring home security. This is obviously going to increase the demand for connected devices. Businesses dealing with in-home devices, thus, need to step on the production of such smart devices in the coming year.

Smart manufacturing

The amazing impact of IoT will not be confined to home automation alone but will extend to manufacturing units as well. In fact, a majority of big brands and enterprises have already invested in industrial automation and the ones that haven’t should do it sooner rather than later. The advantages of investing in this technology are immense; from reducing the dependence on the human workforce to driving efficiency in operations, reducing costs, eliminating errors, and more, there is much smart manufacturing serves for manufacturing units.

IoT in healthcare

Besides manufacturing, healthcare is another sector that is set for an upcoming IoT boom in 2020 and ahead. Devices such as sensors, health monitors, portable devices, and medical equipment are configured to connect with IoT today. The growing popularity of wearable devices is another factor that is contributing to the use of IoT in the healthcare industry. Almost every healthcare service provider will look for collaboration with a wearable app development company in the coming year.

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Personalization of retail experiences

As the healthcare segment, retail is another industry vertical that will experience the IoT boom in the near future. To start with, IoT drives efficiency in the retail supply chain management. The bigger and better impact of the adoption of retail IoT will be visible in the form of personalization of the shopping experiences. From guiding the customer for navigating a huge retail store to sending them instant discount notifications when they are near the store, there is much that IoT can do for retail. If you want to stay ahead of the trend, now is the time to collaborate with an App Development Company and have an IoT-based retail app ready for your business.

Convergence with Big Data

Another ground-breaking IoT development trends that is poised to be a winner in 2020 is the convergence of this technology with Big Data. The union will lead to the growth of next-generation applications and advances. As billions of consumer and industrial devices will be connected to IoT in the coming time, the amount of data that needs to be processed will also grow exponentially. The idea is to leverage processable information from the data for getting insights that drive better business decisions.

Integration with AI

Another grand union that IoT will witness in the coming year is Artificial Intelligence. Being a machine learning system that easily identifies trends, AI can become a smart decision-making assistant for businesses. AI can extract and identify trends from the data gathered from the connected devices and use them to make more accurate data-driven decisions.

IoT security will take precedence

As 2020 will be the year of IoT innovation, the technology will become only better. IoT security will take precedence with the increasing adoption and growing number of connected devices. The reason is but obvious, as the network expands, the data volumes increase as well. As a result, the information at risk also grows, making security a priority for businesses. With this, sensors will require strong security features such as machine-to-machine authentication and biometric logins.

What is the scope for IoT ahead?

The scope for IoT ahead is immense, which means that you should surely embrace it if you haven’t already done it. Connected devices can be a big asset for any business because you can control and operate them from anywhere. Furthermore, connectivity enables the capture of more data from more places and ensures increased efficiency and safety. IoT acts as a transformational force that helps businesses improve their performance and deliver better results.

Which industry verticals can benefit from IoT adoption?

IoT is a powerful technology that has huge potential. It can make lives better by fueling home automation. But the real and measurable benefits come for businesses in the form of better decision making, automation, predictive maintenance, and more. Businesses in the utilities, oil & gas, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, insurance, and infrastructure sectors can reap significant benefits of IoT.

How will IoT change the future?

With the amazing offerings it brings for businesses, IoT has the potential to change them and drive immense growth. In fact, it can change the future and make businesses more empowered than ever. If you are still thinking about investing in technology, you should do it sooner rather than later. The best way is to have an IoT-powered app that matches your specific business needs.

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Let’s get you IoT-ready for 2020 and ahead!

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