iOS 13.1.3 Release: All You Need To Know About Bugs Removed

iOS 13.1.3 Release

iOS is one of the most popular platforms for mobile users. The features & security it offers to app developers and end-users are incredible. With the release of iOS latest version, plenty of additional features are included that were not present in the old versions. Mobile apps build in iOS are engaging, secure as well as have a clean interface. People love using iOS-based mobile apps and this has resulted in the growth of iOS Application Development Company all around the globe. The latest version released is iOS 13.1.3, this software was released a few weeks back with a few bugs removed. Like all versions, this also fixed some renowned bugs that user’s come across. We will discuss these bugs in detail in the below section of the blog. But before that let’s have a quick glance on the iOS 13 features.

What are the features of iOS 13?

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode
This feature was the most awaited one and can be used both in the iPhone as well as the mobile apps. This mode has the functionality to save the phone’s battery, and ease the strain on the eyes. A highly demanded feature, that is simple to implement without any additional skills. In addition to that, a complete range of dark-mode optimized wallpapers is also available. Businesses can Hire iOS Developers to integrate this amazing feature into their apps.

2. New Editing Tools
Editing tool was available with earlier versions as well, but with this new version, it is simple to edit, add effects and filters in the videos apart from images. This functionality is completely new for iOS. The new editing tools include shadows, brilliance, highlights, and contrasts to provide a professional touch. In addition, a more user-friendly interface is integrated for your captured memories.

3. Refined Map
With the iOS 13 launch, users will get a great map experience that has amazing features integrated. Apple developers have made major improvements in the Maps app and done deep testing to ensure users are satisfied with the result. In addition, Apple has integrated a Look Around feature to provide a 3D view. Currently, the users are getting detailed maps of a few cities. However, it will cover most cities by the year-end. Improved Map is currently available to iPhone app development firms so they can build mobile apps that need this feature.

4. Health App

Health App
To improve the working of the Health app, Apple has integrated a range of amazing features. There’s a cycle tracking functionality for users to track their daily calorie burn. Apart from that, the app will offer a summary of the most essential data users need comprising alerts, highlights, or the latest entries. It will also offer data about the audio levels and inform if it is appropriate or not.

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These features have set a new benchmark in the mobile OS industry, but still, a lot of users complained about iOS 13. Apple noticed these issues and they released iOS 13.1.3 for end-users.

What is fixed in iOS 13.1.3?

• This new update resolved the issue that was stopping a device from ringing or vibrating when a call came.
• The bug that was stopping people to open a meeting invite in the Mail is fixed in this release.
• Users from Britain were facing a tough time using the Health app, as it was not showing the correct data after the adjustment of British Summer Time. So, this problem has been effectively resolved.
• The problem of downloading Voice memos recordings after restoring from iCloud Backup is resolved in the iOS 13.1.3 version.
• A similar issue was experienced with the apps, as it failed to download after restoring from the iCloud Backup. This too has been resolved.
• The bug blocking Apple Watch to connect and pairing successfully is addresses positively.
• This fixes the problem of Apple Watch not receiving the notifications.
• The problem associated with the Bluetooth connectivity with a few vehicles is fixed as well.
• iOS 13.1.3 comes with improved Bluetooth connection for hearing aids and headsets.
• Bugs regarding the launch performance for apps is now taken care of in this new update.

It is clear from the Apple that any problems a user may experience with iOS 13 will be resolved within no time and with proper care.

How to get iOS 13.1.3 for your iPhone?

iOS 13.1.3

The new update is available for the devices having iOS 13 installed. You have to follow a few steps to download this version:

• Navigate to Settings App.
• Now, select the General option, followed by the Software Update.
• Click on Download and Install options.

Backup Installation
Before planning to upgrade, make a complete backup of your files including pictures, documents, and media. Most of the upgrades require a backup plan for optimized results. If you are not aware of the backup process of database and files, please contact iOS experts and have them assist you with this.

Wrapping Up
Building an iPhone mobile app on the latest version guarantees user engagement, fast loading speed, and smooth navigation. Therefore, it is always recommended to partner with a reputed app development company having an expert team. Mobibiz is a renowned mobile app development company offering a wide range of services ranging from development, customization, and upgrade. So share your requirements with us to build a new app or customize the existing one.

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