How to Start An App Development Company that Drive Clients?

How to Start An App Development Company that Drive Clients

Are you a startup having a unique app idea? No matter what goals you are looking to achieve with your app, it is not sufficient as the app market is highly competitive. It is getting tough to survive and needs heavy investment in terms of budget & time. Planning to start an app development company unprepared can end into frustrating & brand-damaging mistakes. However, if you invest and plan properly, you will make the development job easier and give yourself lots of competitive benefits. It takes some effort, but it’s worth it.

Let’s discuss this in detail!

1. Deep Market Research

The first step to start an Android app development company is thorough market research. You need to get insights about market offerings and customer behavior. Study these insights to find the solution your app will serve to the end-user problem.

Deep Market Research

Market research help you discover:

• Competitors
• Market strategy
• Competitors strengths and weaknesses
• Customers demands on social media
• End-user engagement

When you have proper information about these elements, you will be able to build an engaging app startup that is superior to your competitors. There are millions of mobile apps, and this is the perfect opportunity to ensure yours stands out.

2. Rethink & Consult Experts

If you are confident about your idea and you think it stands out, don’t start the development. Take a moment, and rethink. We know that is perfect but it is equally important to reflect on other possibilities. Make a complete list of all the potential ideas. It gives you an insight as well as provides clarity about the idea to pursue. In case you have any doubts regarding the idea, get it validated by experts and check their feedbacks. Another important point is to never overlook other ideas. Remember there is always a chance for improvement, and sometimes this leads to new outcomes. After finalizing the idea to pursue, make sure all details regarding the pain point and the solution is present. After all, your unique idea is solving a problem. This leads us to the next step.

3. Choose Between Native & Hybrid App

It is important to take a crucial decision in starting to choose between the Native & Hybrid apps. This is why it is important to perform market research, so you can make the best decision.

Choose between Native & Hybrid App

The major differences between native, and hybrid app are:

• The programming languages they are developed in. This completely depends on the budget, desired time frames, and expertise.
•  Access to native device APIs. It depends on the device’s configurations.
• Distribution process. This will affect the way you market and define mobile app promotion strategies.
• Multi-platform support. This is based on the target audience and the market you want to reach.

Native technology is perfect for heavy-duty tasks like Job portal app development & gaming apps. Native apps are expensive to build and available through the app store.

On the other hand, hybrid apps implement the same code base for different platforms. It accesses the device’s features and available for both Android & iOS. They are ideal for most app goals, including productivity, utility and enterprise apps.

4. Development

After choosing the application technology it is important to get it developed from reliable partners. Actually, this stage is all about team building. Depending on the business requirement you’ll need coders, designers, copywriters, and photographers.

You have a few options to find needed developers:

Hire a Freelancer

You can hire a freelancer at cheap price as the competition among the independent developers is very high. But a lot of risks are present that your app will complete within time. Apart from development, proper support is needed for the future.

Hire a Permanent Developer

In this situation, you’ll save money because one person is engaged with the project. However, the development of the app usually needs skills in programming, not only design. So even if you hire an expert he will cost you a bit higher.

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Hire a Development Company

If you are focused on building an app by working with a development company then it will be the best decision. It offers multiple benefits like a good team, long-time support, and a team of experienced programmers. Also if you’re planning to build a big app, you’ll need assistance from big companies. By the way, development companies will not build apps but also a helping hand in your business. Also, the mobile application will need more investment in the future for updating, bug fixing or development.

5. Update


If you think your journey ends by launching an app and reaching the market, you are completely wrong. The mobile app development process does not end at the launch phase. Timely updates improve the app visibility and ensure proper value to the user at every phase. So, for long-lasting success, improving your app is important by taking the user feedback into consideration. Maintenance, integrating new functionality and updates is a continuous process. Ensure maximum user retention along with a steady revenue model in place.

Wrapping Up

Reaching the market with a unique and engaging app is very important. Users need some engaging stuff within the mobile app and to stay out of crowd it is essential. To build an appealing mobile app, avail services of an experienced development team. Mobibiz is a renowned mobile app development company that provides unique solutions to clients. We focus not only on making apps but also assist our client to make a startup succeed. With our team of experts, we know the tricks to implement the right strategy to help entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures.

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