Want To Make Your Mobile App Sticky? 8 Questions To Ask!

You run a business and do everything to keep the existing customers engaged and bring in new ones. Mobile apps become an essential aspect of the marketing mix because this is the prime platform where the customers are. When it comes to developing a mobile app, the biggest challenge is to create one that is capable of retaining users.

You can get them to download and install the app, but the stickiness is what that ultimately matters. So what are the factors that app development companies prioritize while defining the app stickiness? How do you assess whether your mobile app is sticky enough to keep the users hooked on? Here are a few questions that you can ask to come to a conclusion.

Does the app have good UI and UX?

The user interface of the mobile app is the first impression it has on the prospective customers and it must be truly amazing. The more user-friendly, engaging and intuitive it is, the higher is the acceptability and stickiness of the app.

app have a good UI and UX
The same applies to the app UX because users have countless options and they will not settle for your app unless it offers something extraordinary in terms of experience. For a mobile app to be sticky, you need to ensure that it excels in design and experience.

Is the app’s performance-optimized?

Next on the checklist is the app’s performance because it decides whether a user will stay with your app or leave it for good. Fast and seamless performance is critical for an app because consumers lack the patience to deal with the ones that lack on this front.

The solution lies in testing the app stringently before making it live so that it delivers top-notch performance from day one. When you hire android app developer or iOS app developer, make it clear that you would not compromise with the performance.

Does the app match your customers’ expectations?

The next and perhaps the most critical question that you need to ask while assessing your app’s stickiness is whether it is tailored to the target audience. Have you researched your audience and built a buyer persona before deciding what features your app would have?

If you are not matching the expectations of your users, don’t expect them to stay on. The key, therefore, lies in understanding the user expectations and replicating them in the app’s look and feel.

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Does it offer a value proposition for the users?

The very purpose of a mobile app is to serve something to the users. For e-commerce apps, it should enable them to shop products in a few clicks. Similarly, a banking app should empower users to access their accounts, transfer funds, make payments, and check balances.

Unless your app has a value proposition for the users, retaining them is practically impossible. Besides providing the right functionalities, make sure that they are easy to avail as well.

Is it capable of delivering push notifications?

Over the years, mobile apps have emerged as a potent element of the marketing mix for businesses. Push notifications come ahead as the most desirable feature for mobile app marketing companies in this context. Businesses can use them to share the latest offers, discounts, and launches, or just be connected.

delivering push notifications

At the same time, these bite-sized text updates play a key role in user engagement. They serve a reminder value by appearing repeatedly on the users’ devices. If implemented in a smart way, they can give you the dual advantage of app stickiness and result-oriented marketing.

Does it have a feedback mechanism?

Essentially, your app is for the users and it should have everything according to their liking. In the first place, you need to know whether they like the app. So getting feedback is the best thing to do because it provides useful insights into what the users like in the app.

Further, it also gives you a fair idea about the additional features or improvements that you can incorporate in the app to make it align with the feedback. If you want to make the app sticky, simplicity is the key whether it is about the interface or feedback style. Make it as easy as possible!

Can it deliver personalized experiences?

The ever-growing competition in the mobile app landscape makes personalization a game-changer. When users get what they want, they are more likely to stick with your app. However, delivering personalized experiences is easier said than done because you need to know what the users want in the first place.

Accordingly, your app should be capable of tracking the demographics, browsing activity, and shopping history of the users. This is possible only for the ones that are empowered with data analytics features. If the app is smart enough, it will definitely have higher retention.

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Does the app make an emotional connection with the users?

Beyond the look, feel, and features, one thing that makes an app sticky is the emotional connection it forms with the audience. If the audience feels good about using it, they will continue to do so. Conversely, they will uninstall sooner or later if that connection is missing.

app make an emotional connection with the users

When you ideate your mobile app, think like a typical user to understand what would strike a chord with them. Integrate the same in your app’s design and content and you will surely see the difference when it comes to stickiness. The emotional factor, therefore, is as vital as the practical features.


App stickiness is one of the biggest challenges for businesses as well as developers because it determines the success of the investment. Prioritizing the aforementioned factors can make all the difference when it comes to making your apps more sticky so that it retains the users. Businesses should collaborate with seasoned app developers who are capable of integrating the right features in your app to make it sticky.

Mobibiz is an app development company that specializes in native and hybrid app development. We have a team of experts with the right skills and experience that make us capable of understanding the expectations of the users and what makes them stick to your app. If you want to build a mobile app with high retention rates, we can help.

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