Best Android 10 Features That Make The Version Stand Apart

Android 10 Features

The first beta release of Android Q came six months ago and users, as well as developers, have been waiting for the final release since then. The wait is finally over as Google has released the Android 10 operating system, as Android Q has been renamed now. To start with, the software update has been launched for select Pixel smartphones. Furthermore, manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus have also joined the early release schedule. Another interesting fact about the new version is that it is not named after a sweet goodie like its predecessors. Beyond the trivia, there are several new and important features of Android 10 that every user, business and Android app development company should be aware about. Here are some top features that make the version stand apart.

Dark Theme
The Android ecosystem finally gets a dark theme with the release of this version. Undoubtedly, the dark theme enhances the user experience by providing better visibility at night. Further, Google states that it increases battery life to a considerable extent. The best part about Dark Theme with Android 10 is that it is flexible to use; users have the freedom to implement it for specific apps or can have it on a system-wide basis as they prefer.

Smart Reply
Another outstanding feature that the new release brings is a smart reply. In addition to recommending replies that the user receives in different apps, the feature can suggest relevant actions as well. Amazingly, when a friend shares a location with you, this feature can directly open and navigate the address in Google Maps without having to copy the URL. This translates into great user experiences for devices running on this version.

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Live Caption
Like smart reply, Live Caption is another innovative feature that Android 10 has in store. Based on on-device machine learning, this feature automatically captions the media which is playing audio on your phone. It also works with podcasts, videos, and audio messages across all apps and even things that the users record themselves. As soon as the OS detects speech, captions appear even in the absence of Wi-Fi or cell phone data.

Gesture navigation
A feature that is meant to enhance the user experience manifold is gesture navigation. As the name implies, it will ease the navigation with simple swipes that enable the user to move between tasks fluidly. They can pull up the home screen, go backward, and switch between screens, all without having to use visible buttons. Smooth and fast, these gestures make even the large-screen devices easier to use.

Privacy controls
Privacy is perhaps the biggest concern for app users, which is the reason why they are a priority for every app development company too. With Android 10, many of these will be resolved as it comes loaded with privacy features. To start with, users get all their privacy settings such as Web and App Activity in one place. Additionally, they can decide what all data will be stored by the apps and for the duration, it will be stored. Users also get the choice to opt-out of ad retargeting.

Location controls
Taking the feature of privacy to the next level, Android 10 also offers stringent location controls for the users. They have the choice about the location data being shared with the apps. The options are never, always, or when the app is in use. Furthermore, Google will issue reminders to the users about the apps not being used actively, but they are using their location data. The users can, therefore, decide whether they still want to continue sharing their data with these apps.

Security updates
Generally, it takes some weeks or even months for device brands to roll out the latest Android updates to their smartphones. This can be dangerous from the security perspective as it leaves the devices vulnerable to critical flaws. Android 10 aims to fix this concern for Google. The latest security and privacy fixes will be sent directly to devices from Google Play, rather than having to wait for updates by the manufacturers. So it becomes possible for the users to get the security fixes and updates as soon as they are available.

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Family Link
Another feature that makes Android 10 a great one is the Family Link, which is available for the devices running Android 9 or 10 versions. It offers robust parental controls that allow parents to set daily screen time limits, time limits on specific apps, device bedtime and more. They can even review the apps installed by children along with the usage on their devices.

Focus Mode
Android 10 is another tangible step by Google towards the Digital Wellbeing initiative. The Focus Mode feature enables the users to choose and silent selective apps which distract them and they will stay that way until brought out of this mode. However, they need to sign up as a beta tester if they want to use this mode.

Support for foldable devices and 5G
Since innovative device technologies such as foldable phone displays and 5G are surfacing, there is a need for a compatible platform and Android 10 emerges as a perfect match. It is tailored to support foldable device features, from multi-tasking feature to adapting to diverse screen dimensions. The version also brings specialized tools for developers to build for fast connectivity and better experiences in gaming and augmented reality.

Beyond the aforementioned features, there is a lot more than Android 10 bundles up. It comes with as many as 65 cool new emojis, which include 56 that are gender-inclusive. It also provides support for audio streaming to hearing aid devices, making it a great one for users who are impaired. There are different keyboards that users can access their personal and work profiles. With such an amazing range of offerings that the version brings, it surely has the potential of being the hottest favorite in the coming time. As a result, businesses need to ensure that the Android apps they build are compatible with this version.

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