10 Wearable App Trends Dominating The Business Landscape In 2023

Wearble App Trends Dominating The Business Landscape In 2019

The wearable technology has come a long way over the years. There was a time when it was considered just fancy bling and people were not really confident enough to invest in wearable devices. However, the technology is mainstream today as wearables are being embraced and used for daily activities. From receiving messages to tracking health metrics and even acting on voice commands, there is much that this tech has to offer. With the major impact it has, businesses cannot afford to ignore it and must invest in wearable app development to target this segment of users. While doing so, they need to be aware of the latest trends so that the app delivers experiences to match user expectations. If you are planning to empower your business with one, here are the latest development trends that you must keep in mind.

Interactivity is the key

Perhaps, the biggest challenge with wearable apps is achieving an optimal level of user interactivity. This happens because the screen sizes of devices are small, which makes interacting with apps tough for the users. As a rule, these apps need to add more of non-visual interactive tools such as vibrations and voice control. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wearable app that lets you send messages and draft emails merely with voice commands. Similarly, vibrations can be used to enable smartwatches for guiding you with navigation as you drive. Therefore, you need to ensure that your wearable app is interactive enough, even though not visually but with other smart ideas.

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Focus on discoverability

Undoubtedly, interactivity is important for wearable users but you cannot ignore the discoverability factor at all. Wearable devices are run with compact apps that connect them with other devices for the purpose of transferring the data. This makes it essential to create apps that are distinctive enough to stand apart from the conventional mobile apps. The real purpose is to make them fully discoverable so that they can fetch the maximum number of potential customers for your business. Since the requirement is complex, you can trust only a professional mobile app development company with the right expertise to create such apps for your business.

Amalgamation with IoT

Another wearable app tech trend that you cannot ignore right now is the amalgamation of these apps with the Internet of Things. The fact that the IoT is becoming all-pervasive accounts for its growing significance. It is being increasingly used for ensuring safety in industrial sectors, enhancing operational efficiencies in manufacturing, improving quality of care and services in the healthcare segment, and more. What really matters is that the technology does not work alone; it has to be combined with smart devices with IoT app development to deliver the desired benefits.

Integration with GPS technology

When it comes to wearable app trends, it is being combined with GPS technology on a growing scale. This innovative combination of technologies has literally revolutionized the navigation field today. The GPS-powered wearable apps are capable of providing accurate directions for the users so that they can have hands-free on-road experiences. At the same time, smart devices facilitate the consistent flow of real-time data to enable live tracking of the users.

Wearable tech in healthcare

You will probably think that wearable apps in healthcare are nothing new because they have been around for some time now. However, smart wearable IoT has taken things to the next level for the industry this year. Beyond just enabling practitioners to track the medical condition of the patients, these apps let them come up with more advanced and analytical diagnostic processes. Furthermore, wearable IoT is even being used for incorporating artificial limbs, operating wheelchairs, and streamlining the function of various supportive devices.

Enhanced data compilation

Besides enhancing the UX, wearable technology is also paving way for new business opportunities for the marketers these days. Wearable gadgets such as smartwatches and Google Glass enable them to access vital information related to the locations and purchasing habits of the target audience. What you really need to do for availing these opportunities is to invest in contemporary wearable apps that are empowered with advanced data collection techniques.

Rise of Beacon technology

Another tech trend that is making it big for wearable apps in 2013 is the integration of Beacon technology. These tiny devices leverage Wi-Fi and location-based technologies to deliver exceptional experiences for the consumers in the travel and retail segments. The technology has proved its value for businesses as it enables them to prepare a strong customer base and also gives them the mapping facility for the larger stores. Similarly, it proves as a boon for travelers looking to explore new destinations without the fear of getting lost.

Payment through wearable apps

Users are already accustomed to making online payments through computers and smartphones. This year, online payments have become simpler than ever as you can now easily make them with a smartwatch and a wearable app. Whether you are using Google Wallet or Apple Pay, you can use smartwatches to make payments fast, easily and securely. This is big news for the e-commerce industry because it thrives on good user experiences, which this trend definitely assures.

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Data security is more important than ever

Evidently, wearable devices will be as good as smartphones in the coming years. For this reason, the security of wearable apps is critical to protect data as it needs to be with conventional mobile apps. Therefore, mobile app developers are paying more attention to providing an extra layer of data security for the apps. Moreover, this is one aspect that no business should ignore because they need to follow the regulatory requirements of data privacy and security.

Smartwatches are now smarter

2019, has been the year of smarter smartwatches that are poised to replace the smartphones in the coming times. Businesses need to stay on top of the wearable app technology and come up with apps to match the standards set by the advanced smartwatches. In fact, wearable devices combined with such apps make an adequate solution to manage different IoT devices, both at homes and workplaces.


Now that you are aware of the top wearable app trends that are making it big in 2019, you will be in a better position to understand the features your app needs to have for enticing the users. At the same time, collaborating with a professional mobile app development company with expertise in wearable tech is a smart idea. Someone with the right skills can help you create a superlative one that keeps the users engaged, connected, and coming back for more. At Mobibiz, we specialize in native, hybrid, wearable, and social media app development. Whatever are your requirements, just convey them to us and we will create a perfect app for your business.

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