Know How AI Is Making Inroads Into Android App Development

AI Is Making Inroads Into Android App Development

Over the years, innovative technologies have touched every aspect of human existence and mobile apps are no exception. Developers are coming up with disruptive ideas while blending technologies into apps. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most widely used technologies in this context. The Android platform has been particularly progressive in terms of embracing AI. With the announcement of Android P, developers have the opportunity to build the most amazing experiences with AI, ML, AR. Moreover, Google has come up with Google AI tools, a move that clearly shows its intention to propel AI as the prime tech condiment for Android apps.

The era has probably come when every Android app development company is going to witness a booming demand for AI-powered apps. Businesses of all sizes are willing to spend on this technology just to go an extra mile for catering exceptional experiences to their customers. When it comes to using AI in Android apps, there are various forms in which it can be integrated into them. Let us see the various AI features that are being leveraged to revolutionize Android apps for businesses.

One of the most revolutionary concepts of AI in Android apps is Chatbots. These smart virtual assistants are capable of understanding human language and communicating with them intelligently. They can even gather data and provide seamless customer support round-the-clock. In fact, they can match the interactions by human support to the extent that businesses may even consider them as a replacement for people in the future. Chatbot development or integration is gaining traction and most businesses are showing the inclination to hire Android app developer for embracing this trend. Insurance, healthcare, and e-commerce are witnessing the most widespread adoption of chatbots.

Speech recognition
Another AI feature that is fast becoming commonplace for Android apps is speech recognition. As the name suggests, this technology decodes human speech into a language which is easily understood by a computer. As voice becomes the mainstay of mobile searches, this is one feature that businesses must absolutely include in their apps. Speech recognition can facilitate various functions such as searching products/services, businesses via voice, giving instructions to smart devices such as automated home devices and self-driving cars, registering an account, filling details in forms, and more.

Face detection
Since security is a prime concern for app users, businesses are relying on face detection technology as a safety measure. Face detection refers to the AI-powered face system that identifies the user’s face as a digital image. Real-time face detection is primarily used for surveillance purpose and monitoring the movement of persons and objects. Android devises couple this technology with the camera for the identification of faces in different frames. Facebook uses the face recognition feature in its algorithm for detecting the faces of the users in their pictures.

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Personalized experiences are the secret to success as they enable businesses to gain customer loyalty. AI collects user data and offers reliable predictive analytics on the basis of the user’s choice and preferences, which enables the system to provide recommendations to the app users in a personalized way. It can improve customer experience and increases the retention rate for the app. Moreover, integrating it within your app is a smart move if you want to stand apart from the competitors.

Text recognition
Another AI feature that is making it big in the Android app landscape is text recognition. Essentially, it comprises two processes, namely text detection from the media files such as images and video formats and recognition of the detected text. AI performs the task of breaking up the text into various segments for recognizing it. Developers can either leverage the feature for creating a standalone application or provide it as an additional feature in the mobile app. Text recognition is mainly used in word-based Android gaming apps for enabling the tasks related to word choice.

Landmark detection
As implied by its name, the landmark detection feature uses the AI technology for detecting landmarks in an image. Using this feature, it becomes possible to scan all landmarks in the image, whether it is a face or a business logo. Usually, the landmark detection is used as an elementary part of complex research procedures. For example, Facial Landmark Detection serves as an enhanced security process for ensuring that payments and transactions are carried out safely within an Android app.

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Image labeling
Another significant AI feature that being embraced by Android app developers is image labeling. This feature used AI to add labels to the images which are stored by the app. Users are easily able to fetch the images later, on the basis of these labels added to them through the image labeling feature. The best thing about this feature is that it makes your app more interactive, thus enhancing the user experience it delivers.

Smart reply
The best instance of the Smart Reply feature is GMAIL, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language technologies to create contextual replies based on the mail content. This enables the app to deliver rich and personalized experiences for the users. It speeds up the communication for them as well because they no longer need to key in replies but have access to relevant ones right within the app.

Now that you know all about the diverse features that AI can enable in your Android app, it is time that you leverage them. These features can empower your app with the most amazing experiences and make it stand apart in the competitive landscape. They bring opportunities that you cannot afford to miss. So the best approach would be to avail mobile app development services from a provider that specializes in the Android platform and has a stronghold over AI technology as well. Mobibiz is a leading application development partner you can trust for creating innovative and feature-rich mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. If you want to add an AI-powered Android app to your business portfolio, share your requirements with us.

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