How Android App Development Offers A Wealth Of Business Opportunities

Android App Development

Mobile apps have become a way of life today. There’s an app for literally every activity you can imagine- shopping, finding directions, ordering food, contacting emergency services, booking movie tickets, and more. There are even some that can automate industrial processes and even smart devices at your home. In fact, it is impossible to imagine life at home and at work without smart apps to assist you. With an explosion in the landscape, there is a corresponding boom in mobile app development services today.

Before you invest in an app for your business, the choice of the development platform will probably be the first concern. While Android and iOS are the major platforms, all businesses cannot get them both covered right at the start because of the financial constraints. Ideally, you should start with the one that is frequented by your target audience. So it is crucial to find who your audience is and the kind of devices that are used by a majority of them. We will discuss Android app development in detail and showcase the benefits that this choice can bring for your business.

Why do you need a mobile app in the first place?

Mobile apps are a considerable investment for any business and you should get the returns accordingly. Even before you start thinking about whether you want to opt for Android or iOS app development, you need to understand their value for your business. Here are some reasons why you must absolutely have them in your business arsenal.

Android app in the first place

Make you omnipresent
Growing your business is all about being visible to your customers. Being present across all channels should, therefore, be your prime objective. Having an app that showcases your business on the mobile channel can help you leverage a larger customer base. The best thing about mobile apps is that they give any day, anytime connectivity with the customers as they are accessible at their fingertips.

24/7 availability
Another big advantage that mobility serves is 24/7 availability. This is important because you cannot expect to be available and accessible for your customers round the clock. However, apps resolve this concern because consumers can connect with your business any time during the day. The same applies to enterprise apps because they keep the workforce connected with the business even if they are outside the office.

Build your reputation
Since mobile devices are ubiquitous nowadays, not being present on this selling channel passes a bad impression to potential customers. Being there, on the other hand, strengthens your brand reputation because you come ahead as a tech-savvy business that offers everything that is the best for its customers. Better reputation gives your business a positive impression and the buyers would be eager to shop from you.

Competitive advantage
These days, businesses face tremendous competition on a global scale. Not doing something that others are doing can push you behind in the race. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an established enterprise, you can count on a mobile app to stay ahead. From giving access to this selling channel to building your brand in the long run, and making your business future-ready, there is much that a mobile app can do for you.

Why businesses should prioritize Android apps?

Now that you know how important it is to arm yourself with a mobile app, the next question would be why Android? Well, you can opt to have both the major platforms covered with two native apps or a single cross-platform one. But what if you are on a tight budget. When it comes to a choice between the two, we would like to highlight the benefits of starting with Android OS first. Having an Android app for your business means that you will need to collaborate with a professional Android app development company in the first place. This is a considerable expense that needs to be justified. Here are some reasons that make Android apps a smart investment for any business.

Prioritize Android Apps

The growing user base of the platform
As a business, you would want to expand your customer base. How about reaching a massive and ever-growing audience across the globe? The Android platform surely gives you this advantage because it dominates with a major global user base. By defining your presence on this platform, you can readily make your brand accessible to a huge audience worldwide.

Additionally, opting for an Android platform gives you another big advantage. The app is not outdated soon with the launch of the newer versions of the Android OS. This is attributed to the fact that the operating system offers the Platform fragmentation functionality. There are fewer chances of the business becoming obsolete within a short time frame and it can still run with minor upgrade arrangements.

Easy customization
While Apple has been making efforts to enhance the customization abilities of the iOS platform, Android to does well in this context. The Android framework empowers the developers to develop engaging mobile apps with an innovative touch. Whether it is layout or functionality, the operating system offers is a plethora of options for the app developers to try out-of-the-box ideas.

Businesses, on the other hand, can get apps that are perfectly in tandem with their business model, customer expectations, and daily operations.

In the competitive business scenario today, it is essential to ensure that your app is updated with necessary features. The easy customization of Android is beneficial because it enables you to tweak and enhance the app whenever needed. Easy customization saves both money and time for the business. Further, you get to match the expectations of the users which translates into happy customers and more business opportunities.

Great flexibility
Being open-source in nature, Android offers great flexibility. Developers can leverage this flexibility while developing apps for delivering excellent user experiences. While it is possible to create feature-rich consumer-facing apps for the platform, they can also develop enterprise mobility solutions for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with ease. In this way, Android can help companies to generate higher revenues from customers and boost productivity with such customized apps.

The flexibility of the platform also makes Android apps capable of being readily integrated into the enterprise ecosystem. Android apps can also be made compatible with emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT. This makes them a value-adding investment for any business. The entire credit goes to the flexibility and scalability of the platform.

Extensive scalability
Every entrepreneur needs to think of the future with a vision of growth in mind. There is always a possibility that with holistic growth in the future, your business app will need to handle a greater number of users, target a specific niche audience, or serve them high-end features. In this context too, Android app development emerges as a smart decision, all because of the platform’s scalability. The Android apps are scalable and can easily integrate new features that match the user’s demands and market trends.

Moreover, Android apps are developed using Java, which is among the most widely used programming languages. This means that any Java expert can easily modify or customize your app if necessary. The recently launched Android development language, Kotlin, is also much like Java. This makes it possible for businesses to save time while finding developers for even minor modifications.

Google Advantage
Another reason why Android has emerged as a preferred choice for businesses is that it is backed by Google. This makes it easy to integrate Android app development services with Google services and apps. A common example in this context is Google Assistant. Integration of Google Assistant with your business app renders the best experiences for users who look for voice functionality in the apps they use.

Other Google apps that you can integrate into your business app include Gmail, Drive, etc. Another Google advantage that comes for the Android platform is that you get access to regular updates regarding enhanced security, bug fixing, and other aspects. These updates make Android OS much safer and more useful for businesses.

Enhanced user experience
When it comes to delivering personalized user experience, Android apps can be trusted completely. Apps with good user experiences serve as business assets because they keep the existing users stuck and also get new ones. The android operating system utilizes the data related to the user’s behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns to get useful insights for giving personalized notifications to them.

Android apps can assist your business to match the expectations of your audience with pleasant and personalized experiences and improved services. They also give you a competitive advantage by keeping you ahead of your business rivals. Furthermore, they generate higher ROI for your business and make the investment worthwhile.

Rapid approval
If you opt for the Android platform for your business app, you can expect rapid and easy deployment. Google Play provides rapid approval and its submission terms are relatively liberal as compared to those of the Apple App Store. In fact, a large number of mobile app development companies are dedicated to this platform just because it is easier to hire developers and approval rates are high as well.

Google shows less strictness while evaluating apps on parameters such as customization and security. The complications are fewer in number when you have to get your app in the live mode. The approval time is also short, which gives your business the advantage of faster TTM (Time To Market).

Marketing opportunities
Another reason for the growing popularity of Android apps is the sheer number of Android devices and brands worldwide. The operating system has an open ecosystem in addition to a large variety of devices being launched on a daily basis. This translates into humongous marketing opportunities across the globe as you can connect with the people who use this ever-growing number of devices.

More than that, you can see it as a tremendous marketing opportunity because your brand’s presence on the Play Store makes you visible to the potential customer base out there. It is also possible to strengthen your presence on Google Play as the platform enables you to submit the app on different third-party app stores such as Amazon App Store and GetJar.

SEO advantage
Just having an app live on the Play Store is half the work done. You also need to make it visible by making it rank higher on the Play Store. The adoption of the right App Store optimization can get you there. Being backed by Google, an Android app can serve the SEO advantage for your business. It is possible to drive more traffic for your app by simply implementing the basic SEO techniques.

A reliable app development partner can help you in promoting your business app with the implementation of SEO practices in addition to other strategies such as referral marketing, social media marketing, web page optimization, and content marketing. Altogether, these tactics can help you increase the popularity of the app as well as enhance the reputation of your brand.

Mobibiz- The Android App Development Partner You Can Trust

If you are looking to hire Android app developer for creating an app for your business, it is always good to look for someone you can trust. Prioritize someone with the relevant skills and experience. Someone who has worked on both consumer-facing and enterprise apps will be a good choice because they can have you covered for both types, in the present and the future. A good track record and great client reviews are other factors that you need to check out before collaborating with a developer or team for your project.

Mobibiz is a leading name in the app development domain and specializes in apps for both Android and iOS platforms. During our years in the industry, we have developed hundreds of Android apps for clients across the globe and from diverse industry verticals. We have a team comprising seasoned developers who bring together extensive skills and experience. Our focus on delivering client-centric apps makes us stand apart as we ensure that your app will have the user expectations covered. Just share your requirements with us and we will create an Android app that addresses them.

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