Face-Changing Mobile App Development: All That You Need To Know

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The most recent sensation that has emerged strongly in the mobile app scenario is that of FaceApp. Who wouldn’t want to know how they would look decades later? This is exactly what this face changing app does. Celebrities and common users alike have been unable to resist this temptation of using FaceApp. From the business perspective, such apps are being viewed as massive opportunities by entrepreneurs who want to use this trend to their advantage. Before you start looking for a mobile app development company for creating an app similar to this one, you need to know all about these apps. Starting from the features, ideal tech stacks, development cost, and more, here is all that you need to know about these apps.

What is a Face-Changing App?

As the name suggests, a face-changing app is meant to change your facial appearance. FaceApp is the most popular one that is garnering a massive following these days amongst both iPhone and Android users. The app essentially uses Artificial Intelligence to create the image of your face as it would appear a few decades later. The app is an exciting one to use and the fact that some big celebrities are using it to create aged pictures that they are sharing on social media is making FaceApp even more popular. Before you hire Android app developer or iPhone app developer for creating a FaceApp-like app, you need to understand its features and tech stack requirements better.

What are the Features of a Face-Changing App?

The following are the key features that an app similar to FaceApp needs to have:

Capture/Upload Image

To start with, the app needs to be capable of capturing images or uploading the existing ones from the device gallery. This, in fact, is the starting point of the app where the real work begins.

AI Filters

The next feature that such apps should definitely have is AI-powered filters. Once the user captures an image or uploads one from the gallery, the AI filters get to work, changing the gender, age, other facial attributes.

Editing tools

In addition to filters that make the user look younger or older, a face-changing app provides an option for image editing. These editing tools can bring dramatic changes to the pictures with haircuts, makeup, impressions, add beards, and more.

Social Media Integration

Beyond just altering the facial appearance of the users, the app should integrate with social media as well. The purpose is to share the images on social media and get virality in the form of views, likes, and comments.

In-App Payments

Since FaceApp works on the premium model, it requires the users to pay a specific amount to access the paid features. Therefore, in-app payments make a mandatory feature for these apps.


Another feature that such an app must have is feedback as it offers the provision to the users for sharing feedback and reporting the app issues to the developer team. Just a few clicks and the issue should be conveyed.

What is the Tech Stack Used for Developing Face-Changing Apps?

Developing a face-changing requires the integration of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Further, it is recommended that you develop native apps for both platforms rather than a cross-platform app. Here are the technologies that you will need to develop an app similar to FaceApp:


While Swift is meant for iOS, Kotlin works for Android. You can choose the language depending on the platform you want to cover. Both these languages are advanced and ensure a smooth performance of the app.

Ruby On Rails/Python

Since the app is based on AI and ML, you will need to rely on languages such as ROR and Python. By opting for them, you can create a Minimal Viable Product which is fast and reliable.


As face-changing apps do image processing in real-time, either of these two libraries is required to handle this function.

Since the tech stack used for developing these apps appears advanced and complex, you can expect it to cost high. This is probably a major concern for businesses and you would want to be prepared well in advance to set the right expectations.

What is the Cost of Developing a Face-Changing App Similar to FaceApp?

Now comes the most critical question for any business, which relates to the cost they would need to incur while investing in such an app. It is hard to quote the exact cost of development because it may vary depending on various factors. Primarily, the complexity of your project in terms of the platforms it would cover and the number of filters will determine the costing. Further, another parameter that makes a key difference is the development team you onboard for the job. A reputed company with a seasoned team would definitely cost more but working with such a provider always gives you an upper hand. Experienced developers will be in a better position to understand your needs and ensure that your app fulfills them.


Now you probably have all the information needed to understand everything involved in creating a successful face changing app. The next step would be to find the right development partner for the project. Mobibiz is a name that you can trust because of our extensive skill set and impressive track record in the industry. Our experience with Android and iOS platforms gives us a winning advantage and so does our knowledge about the latest app development technologies. Over the years, we have also completed several social media app development projects, which puts us in a vantage position for developing FaceApp-like apps. Share your requirements with us and we will create an app that renders the most amazing user experiences for your customers.

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