10 New Features Of iOS 13 That You Need To Know About

iOS 13

Apple launched the release of iOS 13, the newest version of its operating system on June 3. This is a big event for the platform as the new version marks a massive overhaul to the operating system and brings a host of new features as well. To start with, the new version is much faster and more efficient as compared to its predecessors. Amazingly, the app launch times with the update are two times faster than before while the download sizes have been cut down to half and update times have improved as well. In fact, iOS 13 is poised to fundamentally change the everyday usage of the iPhone for users. Before looking for an app development company to create a new app with this version, you need to understand all that it brings on the plate. Here are the all-new features of iOS 13, unveiled just for you.

Dark Mode
Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new version is the Dark Mode. As the name suggests, this feature overhauls the look of the operating system completely, from light to dark. You can choose either of the modes or have the Dark Mode get activated at sunset or based on a custom schedule. All the native Apple apps feature support for the Dark Mode, while the third-party apps can utilize the Dark Mode APIs for adding Dark Mode integration.

QuickPath Keyboard
The default keyboard of Apple now supports swipe-to-type gestures, which enables the user to slide across the keyboard for forming words. This feature has been used in Google’s Gboard and SwiftKey. The QuickPath and QuickType methods can be used interchangeably and the languages that are supported so far include English, French, Germa, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

with Apple
The iOS 13 version comes with a new privacy feature called Sign In with Apple, which offers a safe and convenient way to sign in to websites and apps. Any iPhone app development company would go with this version, considering the security feature it offers. With this feature, your Apple ID can authenticate your account via Face ID or Touch ID or Face ID. The users will be able to log in to their app accounts or social media accounts instantly with their Apple ID.

Revamped maps
The Maps app are updated again with the new release, this time rebuilding them from the ground up. The all-new Maps app comes with broader road coverage, more precise addresses, better pedestrian data, and more detailed landcover. Moreover, it enables the users to discover locations with3D 360-degree experience.

Changes in camera and portrait mode
Another notable feature that iOS 13 brings is a change in the camera, specifically enabling the user to alter the intensity of light in its Portrait Mode. Further, this mode is empowered with a new monochromatic effect known as High-Key Mono. The Photos gallery is becoming “a diary of your life”, as iOS 13 brings a new tab specifically designed to document the best photos chronologically. There will also be more pinch controls for zooming in and out of the gallery. The version adds adjustment controls and filters for photo editing and video editing.

Longer battery life
With iOS 13, Apple has addressed the concern for battery life as well. The new OS aims to reduce the rate of battery aging by cutting down the time that the iPhone spends fully charged. The operating system is meant to learn from your charging routine so that it can prevent the battery from charging up to 100% immediately. Rather, it will keep the battery charged only up to 80% and charge further only when you need to use it.

Overhauled reminders
Amongst all the built-in apps, the biggest overhaul comes for the Reminders feature. It is now better organized and has shortcuts which ease the addition of reminders. It is easier to keep track of the reminders as well. Additionally, there is a new toolbar for adding dates, times, dates, flags, locations, and more. The Deep integration with Messages feature allows the user to tag someone in a reminder so that it comes up when that person is messaged.

Find My App
Apple combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in this iOS version. As the name implies, this combination allows the users to locate their missing gadgets as well as friends with a simple and fast interface. The best part is that it uses a crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth signal for tracking devices which are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

Location data sharing controls
If privacy really matters, iOS 13 makes an ideal platform update for you because it provides controls for restricting the location data being shared with the apps on your device. You can allow them to access your location only one time and Apple will provide notice when these apps use your location again in the background.

Updates for Siri
With the new version comes extensive improvements in Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Now it has a new voice which sounds much more natural as compared to before. The Siri Shortcuts have a new Suggested Automations feature which suggests personalized shortcuts that the user may want to create. Also, Siri supports Live Radio, making it capable of accessing stations from radio.com, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

Besides these features, there will be many more added till the final version rolls out in September. If you want to leverage them as a part of your iOS app, it would be best to collaborate with a development partner and get you set in time. Mobibiz is a company that you can entrust with the responsibility of developing a quality app solution for your business. Beyond being a development company, we are also a mobile app marketing agency that can give you end-to-end assistance for propagating your app. Share your requirements with us and we will give you a complete solution.

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