Flutter 1.2 All Set To Be The Next Best Thing In Mobile App Space

Flutter 1.2 All Set To Be The Next Best Thing In Mobile App Space

The choice of an app development framework greatly influences the speed and efficacy with which an app is built. When it comes to cross-platform apps, Flutter comes ahead as a great choice amongst the currently used frameworks. Google launched the first version of Flutter (then known as Sky) in 2015 and it has come a long, long way since its inception, in terms of functionality, stability, and performance.

The open-source framework offers immense potential for developers as it renders amazing apps for both Android and iOS platforms. As a part of its consistent initiatives towards improving the framework, Google recently came up with an updated version called Flutter 1.2. Before availing mobile app development services for getting a cross-platform app for your business, you need to know this version better so that you can unlock the opportunities it offers. Here are the Flutter 1.2 features that you must absolutely know about.

Dart 2.2
Dart is the programming language predominantly used in Flutter framework. The release of Flutter 1.2 is accompanied by the incorporation of Dart 2.2 in it, which spells as a performance enhancement and improved features for the framework. Dart 2.2 is focused on boosting the performance of Ahead of Time code. It also empowers developers to analyze and debug their apps faster and more effectively. Further, the version offers a timeline view of the app which enables its frame by frame analysis.

Additional plugins
Flutter 1.2 brings a useful and interesting set of plugins that make the framework more user-friendly and self-sufficient. The older versions were dependent on external SDKs and frameworks but this has changed with the update. The new version brings plugins that offer support for in-app purchases and Android App Bundles. Further, there are plugins that facilitate the integration of IAP purchases into the applications. Also, certain plugins enable bug fixing for maps, video player, and WebView.

New tools for developers
The next amongst the features of Flutter 1.2 is a new set of programming tools that it offers for the developers. The framework itself is well recognized for its flexibility as it has been supporting a range of developer tools including Android Studio and Visual Studio Code right from the start. The new version brings web-based programming tools such as logging view, timeline view, widget inspector, and a source-level debugger. The best thing about these tools is that they simplify the development process, which makes Flutter 2 valuable for every iOS and Android app development company.

New widget sets
In addition to the new plugins and tools it offers, Flutter 1.2 also packs new widget sets, namely Material and Cupertino. The purpose behind these widget improvements is to bring pixel-perfect designs for both Android and iOS platforms as they prioritize even the minor details to strengthen the UI representation of the apps. These widgets support floating cursor text editing and also provide animation easing functions to make the framework even more impressive. Additionally, it introduces new keyboard assistance and mouse hover support for desktop-class operating systems.

Open-source community
Another fact that makes Flutter a much-appreciated framework is its development community, which is attributed to its open-source nature. It enables the users as well as app developers to contribute significantly towards the framework’s growth and improvement. Since there are so many contributors to the framework, all its versions hold great promise for developers and businesses alike.

The Flutter 1.2 version augurs a bright future for the cross-platform app development landscape. The release spells amazing opportunities for businesses because they can get feature-rich and faster-to-market apps by leveraging it. Developers, on the other hand, are also bound to prefer them because of the ease and speed that they are likely to bring into their work. What really is the need of the hour is to find an application development partner that can help.

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