Discover The Exciting New Features Of Android Q Beta 1

Features Of Android Q Beta 1

After Nougat, Oreo, and Pie, Google is all set to bring the next sweet treat for Android users. Known as Android Q, this new version is poised to hit the market this year and Google has come up with the release of its beta version this month. The new OS has a lot on the plate for Android developers and users, considering the enhanced features that the beta version showcases. So if you are all excited to know what the Android app development landscape would look like in the future, here are the features of the upcoming version unveiled for you.

The timelines and supported devices
Google has revealed that Android Q Beta 1 update will be rolled out to its the Pixel lineup range. The devices getting the update include Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, and 3 XL. For availing the beta update, Pixel users will need to get enrolled in the Beta programme first. Further, there is also intimation with regard to the timelines of the rollout; while Beta 2 will be out in April, Beta 3 will come in May, and Beta 4 with official SDK and final APIs will be released in June. The final stable update is expected to release at the end of the third quarter of 2019.

Enhanced focus on privacy
At the core, the Android platform is tailored to prioritize the privacy and security of the users. The focus of Android Q is on enhanced privacy as Google brings new app permissions in this update. This empowers the user with greater control over the information shared with apps. They can exercise control over parameters such as photos, audios, videos, and location with the help of these new run time permissions.

Compatible with foldable devices
Foldable smartphones are becoming a raging trend these days and the next version of Android is all set to capitalize on its popularity. This update will enable developers to manage the way apps are displayed on foldable or large screens. This is facilitated by improvements such as changes to onPause and onResume, and resizableActivity. Further, Android Emulator has been updated to support multiple-display type switching.

Easy sharing with Sharing Shortcuts
Another amazing feature that Android Q brings is the Sharing Shortcuts, which make sharing contents like photos and videos easier than ever. It enables the user to switch to another directly for sharing content. Sharing Shortcuts work just like App Shortcuts. Developers can publish the shared targets that launch a specific activity and these can be displayed on the share UI.

Dynamic Depth images
The new update will improve the photos by enhancing them with depth effect. The apps will be capable of requesting a Dynamic Depth image, which comprises a jpeg file in addition to depth elements and confidence maps that render an improved bokeh effect in the image. The feature can even be used for creating specialized blurs in different apps. Most incredibly, this data can be leveraged for creating 3D images or supporting AR photography.

New Setting Panel
Another noteworthy feature of Android Q is the new Setting Panel API which is now a floating UI that can be evoked from the app to indicate the system settings and toggles. This enhances the UX as they need not leave the app for managing the settings and can do it from the floating panel itself. The feature is built by using the Slices feature, which was a key enhancement in the Pie version.

Speedier app launches
Opening apps in this platform are now much easier and faster as the frequently-used parts of the app code are now known. The release of Android Q Beta brings new opportunities for the developers and empowers them with the ability to process the app data quicker and sent it to the security container, making it possible for apps to be launched faster.

Improved connectivity
According to Google, Android Q brings increased protection for Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth with the introduction of FINE location permission. Additionally, the version also supports the new WiFi standard, Enhance Open and WPA3, which improves the security of open/public networks. Further, this brings improvement in peer-to-peer and internet connectivity, thus ensuring remarkable performance and low latency modes.

Notification shade gets smarter
With the new release, Google adds a “Notification Bell” that renders ease into notification management. It displays a small bell icon near the most recent notification, making it easier for the user to recognize them visually. Though this icon lasts for just 30 seconds, it still is useful as an indication in a flurry of notifications. An estimated battery life indicator will now be visible in the quick settings pane. There is also a change in swipe actions for notifications- a left swipe will pull up notification actions while a right swipe will mean dismissal.

Much More Ahead……
All the aforementioned features of Android Q Beta 1 are just a part of the picture and there is a lot more than you can expect from the final stable version. If you are planning to tale up Android app development services in the future, you need to visualize an app that is well aligned with this latest release. All in all, there are going to be six beta releases with this update and things will only get better with each one.

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