Android Or iOS App? Let Your Marketing Budget Determine The Choice !

Android Or iOS App? Let Your Marketing Budget Determine The Choice !

As mobile is the channel where a majority of the customers are today, businesses need to have a robust presence across this selling channel. The whole idea is to be visible and connect with the audience using their smartphones to search and buy products. Before investing in mobile app development for your business, you need to decide the platform that you would want to build for in the initial stage. Since most businesses have budget constraints to begin with, they need to opt for one platform at the beginning and can later cover the others as well.

Android and iOS are undoubtedly the two major players in the market, which means that you will have to take your pick between the two. While Android spells a major chunk of the audience share, iOS covers the elite set of the users. A presence across both is desirable for a business but when you have to opt for one, it all boils down to your budget. Obviously, Android app development seems like a viable option if you have a bootstrapped budget. There are several other factors that come into play while you extend beyond development costs and weigh these platforms on the parameter of marketing budget.

Let us compare the two with respect to the marketing costs associated with them:

Cost of getting the app to App Store/Play Store
The app marketing cycle begins as soon as it is developed as you need to ensure that it is available for the users to download and install. Registration on Apple App store for iOS and Play Store for Android is mandatory for this purpose. The budget varies as you need to pay only one-time registration fee for Android and $99 as a yearly registration cost for iOS. This obviously tips the latter on the costlier side but is good enough if the app is meant to be short-lived in terms of usage popularity. On the other hand, Android appears to be a feasible choice for utility apps and smaller budgets.

Cost of App Store Optimization
The cost of getting an app up and running on the App Store or Play Store is not everything that goes into your marketing budget. Optimizing the app to reach the top of the app store is another critical aspect, making App Store Optimization a key element of its marketing campaign. The expenses of having a trained ASO team to propel your app and help it to stay on the top are also to be considered while deciding whether you want to invest in Android or iOS app development for your business.

Target audience that you want to connect with
Android has emerged as the undeniable forerunner in the global smartphone market, making it the right choice if you aim to target a global audience as a part of the marketing strategy. Conversely, if your plan is confined to the US, choosing iOS makes sense. The whole idea is to focus on your target demographics because even a high-budget marketing plan will not yield desired results if you fail to reach the right set of users.

Cost per install
Another app marketing budget parameter that influences the choice of development platform is the cost per install (CPI). It is similar to PPC, with the app store to be paid a specific amount only when the user installs the app on their device. Here again, the CPI cost for App Store figures higher as compared to that for Play Store. Hence, you need to calculate and compare the two for deciding the option that fits your budget well enough.

Response to push notifications
When it comes to evaluating customer response to your marketing campaign, it may vary from platform to platform. iPhone users seem to take the cake with respect to the rate of engagement with the apps. On the other hand, Android users are more active while reacting to push notifications. If your marketing budget includes push notification spend, Android appears feasible to ensure a quicker response from the users.

Beyond the development costs, the marketing expenses also have a considerable impact on the choice of the platform. A holistic overview of the aforementioned factors will give you a fair idea whether to hire Android developers or iOS developers for empowering your business with a mobile presence. Further, looking for an application development partner that holds expertise in both platforms can help because they will be able to explain the pros and cons of both.

Mobibiz is a name that you can trust for assisting your business in choosing the right app development platform based on your needs, challenges, and budget. Share your requirements with us and we will surely come up with a solution that adds value to your business without toppling your budget.

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