Explore The Features That Can Make Your Taxi Booking App Stand Apart

Explore The Features That Can Make Your Taxi Booking App Stand Apart

The on-demand cab booking industry has witnessed humongous evolution in the past decade. The role that mobile apps have played in this context is immense. In fact, the chances of growth and even sustenance in the taxi booking domain are slim unless you have a mobile app to facilitate bookings. Passengers expect your service to be available at their fingertips and will opt for another provider if you do not have a mobile presence.

No wonder, a majority of aggregators and taxi businesses have already invested in travel app development; and those who have not done so are keen about embracing these apps. With this, there comes a massive competition for the players as they not only need to deliver superlative booking experiences via the app but also add something extra that makes them better than those of the competitors. Now, what really matters is how to make your app stand apart so that passengers choose your service over the others.

Here are some features that you can add to the app to make it a great one.

1. Strengthen the core features of the app
To start with, the app should have all the core features that a typical aggregator app needs for delivering smooth booking experiences. The objective is to ensure a seamless booking process, along with all the other facilities that an average passenger would want to make the ride a smooth one. A taxi booking app has three different interfaces, namely for the passenger, the driver, and the aggregator. Each of these needs to have certain features to cater to the expectations of the users.

From the passengers’ perspective, user registration, GPS tracking, booking nearby rides, ride sharing, trip history, payment gateways, and ride reviews, are some of the key features. The driver app should have features like route details, navigation, trip details, real-time bookings, and payment tracking. The aggregator, on the other hand, would want features such as passenger management, driver management, payment management, and in-app analytics. Ideally, your cab booking app should have a complete mix of these features to ensure that each of the users have access to everything they need.

2. Offer car pooling for eliminating traffic congestion
As the passengers become more environment conscious, pooled rides are in high demand in the current scenario. Not only does the car pooling option eliminate traffic congestion and emission of environmental pollutants, but also bring considerable cost savings for the passengers via the means of ride sharing. This translates into dual benefits for the passengers, in terms of cost-effective and eco-friendly rides.

Your app development company will probably suggest the addition of car pooling feature in your on-demand app because all the major players are already delivering this service. Since car pooling makes an economical option, passengers would definitely leave your service out if you do not offer them this facility.

3. Give prime memberships and offers to the regulars
Another feature that can give you a distinctive presence in the on-demand taxi booking landscape is a Prime Membership or some other promotional offer for your regular passengers. These exclusive features could range from referral coupons to free rides, loyalty offers and other promotional deals for people who use your services on a regular basis and accumulate kilometers through their rides.

This feature can win the loyalty of your customers and also encourage them to bring in more customers for your business by referring it to them. Obviously, it can be a value-addition for the passengers as well as a means to boost your business and make it a better option as compared to your competitors in the industry.

4. Ensure security for the passengers
Security is the key concern for the app users. It pertains to their physical security as well as the security of the personal and financial information that share with the app for the purpose of bookings and payments. Ensuring that the app offers high-security features to the users is another way to make it stand distinct from the competitors.

You can add certain security features to the booking app to address the concerns of the passengers. These can include real-time ride tracking, live location sharing, 24 by 7 roadside assistance, and SOS emergency feature, to name just a few. Furthermore, you can assure the users about the transaction security by integrating trustworthy payment solutions within the app.

If you are looking for impressing the users with wonderful booking and ride experiences, these features can take your app to the next level. However, you need to make sure that these are implemented properly by an expert application development partner. Mobibiz is a name that you can trust to hire mobile app developer India or abroad. Our team brings valuable expertise and rich experience, along with a track record of having worked for clients across diverse industries including this one. Connect with us to have a feature-rich mobile app that addresses all the needs of your on-demand taxi booking business.

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