7 Trends That Will Make It Big In iPhone App Development Space In 2019

Trends That Will Make It Big In iPhone App Development Space In 2019

When it comes to the choice of app development platform, iOS and Android are the winners in the race. The unbeatable popularity of iPhone devices has made iOS apps essential for any business today because this is one segment of the audience that they cannot afford to ignore. When you are looking to explore this space, it is necessary to know it better so that you can keep pace with the latest trends and have an app that appeals to the target audience. The iOS platform has witnessed several game-changing events in the last year, with the release of iPhone X series and several operating system changes. Accordingly, there are several new trends that are likely to impact iPhone app development in 2019. Let us give you a walkthrough!

1. Apple Siri makes AI real for iPhone users
Ever since Siri, the AI-powered personal assistant, was first launched by Apple, its popularity has grown massively. The smart assistant is getting smarter too and the platform has a lot to do with this. The release of the latest Sirikit has just made things easier for iPhone developers as they can now enable iOS and watch OS apps work with Siri by using only voice. By integrating Sirikit with the apps, they can be used hands-free and even be accessed from the lock screen. Additionally, Siri will be able to suggest relevant shortcuts on the basis of time, location, and type of motion, making app experiences better than ever before.

2. ARKit will enhance Augmented Reality for iPhone users
The latest update by the platform has brought huge improvement for AR app development with ARKit 2 for iOS 12. Some features that it offers include enhanced face tracking, object detection, and measurement of objects in device vicinity. Additionally, this feature has enables multi-user AR experiences a reality now. This augurs the new AR trend for iPhone apps because the technology will no longer be confined to gaming but also be used for other purposes, such as retail advertising, educational innovations, digital arts, and more.

3. Machine learning will be integral to these apps
Apple is all set to leverage machine learning technology with the inclusion of “Neural Engine” in its core processor, the 7-nanometer A12 Bionic. The component will specifically enable devices to perform multiple tasks, such as capturing better photos and identifying unhealthy heartbeat patterns. Furthermore, the recently launched Core Machine Learning 2 (CoreML 2) framework enables the creation of high-performance and responsive iOS apps.

4. iPhone apps will be IoT-savvy
Billions of devices are connected to the internet and the number is poised to increase at a dizzying pace in the coming years. So iPhone apps will experience the IoT boom in the coming year. As a part of its effort to align with the trend, Apple has introduced HomeKit, a highly secure IoT ecosystem to facilitate the creation of IoT apps. The technology will enable users to connect, communicate, and control home automation devices.

5. Swift 5 will usher innovation
As Swift 5 is all set to be launched early this year, it will bring several new changes to iPhone development. It will pack several new features, with ABI (Application Binary Interface) stability being the key one. The current version is not ABI stable, which is the reason that each binary (app) has its own version of Swift Dynamic Library. With the new version, developers will have new opportunities to create better apps.

6. Security will get precedence
The growing number of cyber threats and the impetus on data privacy have made security the main concern for mobile app development teams. Apple has always prioritized app security and has come up with an enterprise-grade, security-focused ecosystem to ensure the security of app users’ data and privacy. It empowers users with Authentication Services that enable integration of security measures such as Password AutoFill and password management apps.

7. Apple Pay will transform mobile transactions
Another emerging trend that is all set to take the iPhone scenario by storm is the usage of Apple Pay for mobile transactions. In fact, it will be indispensable for m-commerce apps running on this platform because it is fast being embraced by iPhone users as the universal mode of payments. Apple Pay for the Web simplified e-commerce as it speeds up the purchase process and ensures security too. Further, Apple Pay is making it big beyond mobile payments as well as it is being used for in-store transactions too.

Businesses would need to adopt the aforementioned trends as a part of their iPhone app development strategy in 2019. Unless they do so, the chances of being able to engage the users are slim; so this should be done sooner rather than later. The best approach would be to connect with an application development partner that is capable of making these a part of your next business app. Mobibiz is a leading mobile app development company that you can trust for creating result-oriented iPhone apps for your business. Share your requirements with us and we will come up with an optimal solution for you.

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