7 Enterprise Mobility Trends That Will Emerge Strong In 2019

Enterprise Mobility Trends That Will Emerge Strong In 2019

Mobile devices have transformed enterprises today, with applications that have restructured the core processes and operations within. Even though enterprise mobility has been around for a few years now, it continues to grow and evolve. 2019 is going to be a big year for it because more and more businesses will be embracing enterprise mobility solutions to get the advantages of enhanced productivity, better collaboration, and improved communication.

You may have already invested in a business app or may be contemplating doing so in the New Year. Whichever is the case, it is best to know about the latest trends so that you can make sure that you get one that really adds value to your business. Here are the top mobility trends that are poised to make an impact in the enterprise mobility space in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence will get more real than ever 
AI has been around for a few years but it will get more real than ever now. Machine learning, which is a component of AI, will become the core of enterprise apps as it is a technology that has the potential to drive automation. The use of AI-powered apps and assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa will become imperative for businesses. Other instances of AI usage enterprises include advanced user interfaces with voice, visuals, facial recognition, and gesture recognition.

BYOD will witness major growth
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is another trend that will come to the forefront in the enterprise space. Several companies are already having employees carry and use their own devices (laptops, phones, or tablets) for work purposes to reduce their costs. But this practice opens them to the risk of data pilferage. However, the enterprise apps of the future will be tailored to handle security issues, which will bring an increase in the adoption of BYOD technology by businesses.

The IoT will continue to be a winner 
The Internet of Things (IoT) has always been a part of enterprise mobility and it will continue to be a winner in 2019 too. Businesses will, therefore, be more than keen about investing in IoT app development to empower themselves with connected devices. These devices are capable of bringing a wide range of benefits, from driving automation to enabling employee and inventory tracking, facilitating remote collaboration, and more.

Migration to the cloud will be a norm
Businesses need to store diverse data related to the customers, employees, operations, etc., which is too large to be stored on mobile devices considering the memory constraints. Migration of data to the cloud becomes the best solution to fulfill the storage demands. It provides access to the data to employees any time and from anywhere. While cloud migration will become a norm for organizations, the less critical applications will be stored therein because of the security concerns.

Location-based services will be in demand
As app audience becomes more tech-savvy, the mobility solutions adopted by businesses will have to go an extra mile in terms of embracing innovation. One of the technologies that will be in demand in 2019 is location-based services. By choosing iBeacon apps and wearable technology, enterprises can use GPS-based tracking to detect the location of their employees and even build targeted marketing strategies to reach the audience.

Security will be a key aspect 
As the BYOD trend will grow this year, businesses will pay extra attention to their security measures for preventing crucial threats to company data. It is to be noted that data is perhaps the biggest asset, as well as the responsibility of any organization and the recent data security regulations, have made it even more important to protect it at all costs. Hence, enterprise apps will need to adopt a multi-layered security model to address the critical concern of data security.

Cross-platform apps will be popular
Businesses will get smarter in 2019 as cross-platform apps will gain popularity in the enterprise mobility landscape. The idea of having a single app that runs on multiple platforms is obviously smarter than that of developing separate ones for platforms like Android and iOS. As a result, the cross-platform development frameworks like Ionic and Flutter are also bound to witness growth in the coming time.

Considering these trend, 2019 appears to be a year of technological advances; while there will be several existing technologies that will become even better, some innovations are also around the corner. Businesses will have to stay on their toes so that they invest their money in apps that actually deliver value. Knowing about these tech trends is obviously the key but you will land nowhere unless you have a reliable mobile app development company to implement them for your business.

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