Mobile App Development Trends That Are Predicted To Make It Big In 2019

Mobile App Development Trends That Are Predicted To Make It Big In 2019

After an eventful 2018, the New Year is expected to bring a lot more on the technology landscape. Mobile apps, in particular, are poised to witness some major transformations are new technologies are on the horizon and several existing ones are already dominating. If you are planning to invest in mobile app development in the coming year or visualize some improvements in your existing app, you should know what is going to work in the future. Let us list the major trends that are predicted to make it big in the app development space in 2019.

1. Machine Learning and AI will be bigger than ever
Though these technologies have been around for some time now, they are just going to grow bigger this year. The most common form in which they manifest in apps is as chatbots which are capable of understanding human language and conversing with them as human assistants do. The next year will belong to these smart bots and having them as a feature of your business app will no longer be a choice.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will get more real
AR and VR technologies are going to see widespread adoption in 2019. Already being acclaimed for delivering lifelike gaming experiences, these technologies will become a part of almost every retail app this New Year. Several lifestyles and e-commerce brands are already using augmented reality apps to elevate the customer experiences by giving app users try before buying the facility.

3. Instant apps will become more popular
When instant apps were innovated back in 2016, they created a lot of buzz because of the convenience and space-saving features that they brought. They have grown more popular in these few years and are likely to get even more acclaim in the coming year. The secret to their success lies in the fact that users can access them instantly without having to download them and tax their device memory.

4. The demand for wearable apps will boom
Over the years, the wearable technology has evolved and these devices have become a must-have accessory today. From fitness and health management to employee monitoring and remote operations, these devices are making all the differences for life at home and work. As a result, there will be a growth in demand for wearable mobile apps that power these devices.

5. Beacons-based apps will strengthen their presence
Another technology that has been around for some time is Beacons technology but the good news is that it is going to get stronger in 2019. It will no longer be confined to sending location-based messages and notifications to retail buyers but will extend to usage at the airports, for mobile payments, and even for sharing personalized information.

6. The IoT will witness rapid growth
While the Internet of Things is not a new technology, but there will be several ways that it will be rediscovered in the coming year. Businesses will invest in IoT app development because they cannot afford to stay behind in the landscape where interconnected devices are emerging as a norm. Automation at workplaces is possible only if there are the right kinds of IoT apps to run the automated devices.

7. On-demand will be in demand
The on-demand trend has grown in the past few years, proliferating domains such as taxi booking, food delivery, medical appointments, and movie bookings. And these are just a few that have been mentioned because this trend is just going to grow at an unprecedented pace. The demand will witness a surge in the future and every app will aspire to serve something better than the competitors.

8. There will be a transition from cash payment to mobile payment
As cashless becomes the business buzzword, there is a need to look for secure and seamless methods of alternative payments. After the switch from cash to cards, m-wallets have emerged as a trusted method of making and receiving payments. Mobile payments will be the booming trend in 2019 and it will be accompanied by the increase in the number of mobile payment apps as well.

9. App security will gain precedence
While there are technologies that are going to make apps better than ever before, the basics like security will continue to be as vital as always. App developers, therefore, will be all the more careful about creating robust security features for mobile apps, considering the recent data breach incidents and new data privacy and protection laws for the users.

10 Mobile UI/UX will be based on Predictive Analytics
Winning the mobile app game is tougher than ever because every single app has hundreds of competitors to beat. The answer lies in creating superlative mobile experiences with a focus on UI/UX design. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are already leveraging AI for predictive analysis of user expectations and behavior. Accordingly, they are crafting winning UI/UX that has the potential to enhance the customer journey manifold.

With so much in store for mobile apps in 2019, businesses need to stay on top of these trends and embrace them to be ahead of their rivals. This makes it imperative to partner with a mobile app development company that is capable of weaving all these innovative technologies right into your business app. Mobibiz is a name that you can trust for being a reliable and tech-savvy application development partner for your business. Connect with us to share your requirements and we will have a solution that will empower your business in 2019.

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