7 Reasons To Consider An Upgrade For Your Business Mobile App

Upgrade For Your Business Mobile App

Mobile apps are an ongoing investment for any business because they are more than a one-time project but need to be maintained and improved over time. After all, they are one of the key arsenals in the business portfolio as they connect you with the entire audience base over the mobile devices. So you cannot just invest in mobile app development once and forget about the app later. As operating systems get advanced versions and user expectations change with technological innovations, upgrades no longer remain a choice for businesses. There are several more reasons that you may have to consider them seriously at a certain point in time. Let us list these possibilities for you so that you can evaluate the worth of getting an upgrade for your business mobile application.

1. You app desperately needs a makeover
The primary reason for opting for a mobile app upgrade is that it absolutely needs a change in look and feel. A makeover is something that everything and everyone deserves and the mobile app that replicates your business brand needs to be ultra-modern. An upgrade for its UI and UX once in a while can do a lot of good and give a new lease of life to your audience base.

2. The design needs to make responsive
When it comes to smart apps for businesses, being responsive is the key because the users may access it with any device. That means that you need to be geared up in terms of diversification in screen sizes, screen resolutions, and pixel densities. An upgrade gives you the opportunity to align the app with the needs of the latest versions and devices, whether it is for iPhone or Android operating systems.

3. Tablet support becomes a necessity for your app
As Google has implemented support for tablet devices, it has become imperative for app interfaces to be made compatible for them. The screens of these devices are much bigger as compared to those of typical smartphones and the apps need to be optimized accordingly. An upgrade is an effective way to get this done.

4. The app might be broken or need bug fixes
Another reason for upgrading your app is the possibility of it being broken or requiring bug fixes. Even a single glitch may lead to an uninstall along with a risk that you will never get the user back. Also, if an application runs on an old-school menu implementation, certain functionalities will not be accessible for the users. In such a case, the best option to get the app on track and resolve the bugs and glitches will be by getting it upgraded.

5. The app’s security is getting compromised
An app’s security capabilities happen to be the biggest concern for the users and the business as well. While data privacy matters the most to the users, the pilferage of personal and financial data of the users can lead to the loss of business reputation in the long run. In both the events, it can spell a doom for the mobile app. A security upgrade, however, does not only address these concerns effectively but also builds the user trust as they understand how serious your business is about their security.

6. You need to give it a marketing bump
If you are serious about app marketing, an upgrade is a smart move that can give you a push on this front. Upgrades give apps a competitive advantage because these bring a bump in their App Store ranking. This is an appreciation that you get for your commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of your application in the ever-changing App Store scenario. The higher your smart app is placed there, the better are the chances that the users will download and install them on their devices.

7. Introducing new features is your idea
Nothing matters more for the app’s success than user experience and it is its features that determine the experience that your app delivers. So it would be a good idea to consider feature upgrades from time to time and an upgrade can do a lot in this context. For instance, the Nougat update by Android brought the innovative feature of split-screen that had a far-reaching impact on Android app development. A version upgrade, therefore, became the top choice for many businesses that wanted to enhance their apps’ user experiences with this particular feature.

Now that you understand the various scenarios in which an upgrade is warranted, you will be able to decide whether you really need one. If you are considering it, the best approach will be to hire mobile app developers to handle the same because this requires as much expertise as a development project does. At Mobibiz, we are a team of experts that specializes in creating a variety of mobile apps for businesses. We ensure post-deployment support as well, with ongoing upgrades, maintenance, and support services forming a part of our service portfolio. Connect with us to share your requirements and we will have a solution for you.

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