Best Mobile App Development Frameworks That Are Going To Rule In 2019

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks That Are Going To Rule In 2019

Business strategies have seen a paradigm shift in recent years and mobile applications have become as essential as websites to strengthen their digital presence. As the mobile app industry grows at a booming pace, the development frameworks have gone through an evolution as well. The number of programming frameworks for Android and iOS platforms has increased over the years. With several alternatives available on the platter, it becomes hard to decide which one would match your business needs. If you are planning to invest in a mobile app and confused about the apt choice in frameworks, here is a list of the best mobile app development frameworks that are likely to reach the top in 2019.

React Native
A popular cross-platform framework, React Native earns the top spot because it is open-source in nature and offers extensive support to the IDEs and other app development tools as well. It serves as a well-equipped framework for developing native apps for both iOS and Android platforms. You also get the choice between React Native for mobile and ReactJS for web development.

Ionic is a widely used framework for developing mobile apps for the latest devices. A client-side framework, it enables the creation of native apps by combining JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. The best thing about Ionic is its versatility; the HTML5 elements facilitates hybrid app development while it can also work well with powerful SDKs such as Angular. The framework is compatible with Cordova and PhoneGap as well.

PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development framework that empowers developers with a blend of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS just as Ionic does. Those looking for hybrid apps in 2019 should definitely consider it as a priority because it excels in terms of delivering performance and providing flexibility. It can be used for creating apps for Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, developers can explore the option of adding more functionalities with the help of plugins.

Xamarin is associated with Microsoft which makes it a reliable app development framework. It can be used for developing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. The best thing about Xamarin is that it enables developers to share codes with Windows and Mac OS platforms, which gives them the advantage of saving time.

Corona SDK
Another framework that will emerge as a winner in 2019 is Corina SDK, which renders the benefit of extraordinary speed. Lua, which is a light-weight programming language, supports the framework and gives it the ease, speed, and flexibility that it is so well appreciated for. Corona is ideal for developers who want to code at high speed but would not compromise with the quality of the app.

Flutter, the open-source SDK launched by Google, is written in the Dart language and serves as an excellent option for cross-platform development. It enables the development of impressive visuals with the help of Skia, a 2D rendering engine. These visuals resemble Cupertino style and Material Design closely. Another reason that Flutter is gaining an edge is that it makes testing much easier for the developers.

Intel XDK
Intel XDK renders interactive and responsive cross-platform apps that perform seamlessly across all devices. You can avail the drag and drop option to develop apps with great ease. The framework also extends ease into testing, debugging and emulation of apps. It also serves as a futuristic option as it supports the IoT as well as frameworks such as Node.js.

JQuery Mobile
Another app framework that is poised to be one of the forerunners in 2019 is jQuery. This HTML5 based framework can run across diverse devices with only a single code version. Moreover, it can be used for creating websites as well as mobile apps and also supports different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle, Firefox, etc. jQuery version can be downloaded in two variants, namely the latest stable version and a customized one.

Mobile Angular UI
Mobile Angular UI comes up as another strong contender for 2019. A combination of Angular framework and Bootstrap, this option is revered for simplifying the development of apps using HTML5. This free framework also allows developers to make use of overthrow.js and fastclick.js for creating apps that deliver seamless user experiences.

Sencha Touch
An app development framework that you cannot forget to place on this list is Sencha Touch, which comes with useful tools that facilitate the integration of several powerful features in mobile apps. Sencha is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and several other platforms and serves apps that are high in quality and performance. It is equipped with a drag and drops visual app builder, which renders superb ease in the development process.

Since each project has different requirements, the choice of app framework really depends on your pre-requisites. Whether you are looking for iOS or Android app development or would want a cross-platform solution is the first key consideration that will influence your framework choice. At the same time, consider the other aspects such as features to make this selection. The year 2019 has a lot in store, with such a vast range of framework options for businesses looking to invest in app solutions.

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