The 5G Revolution Is All Set To Take Mobile App Development By Storm In 2019

The 5G Revolution Is All Set To Take Mobile Apps By Storm In 2019

As 2019 is just around the corner, there is a lot being anticipated on the technology front. One of the biggest newsmakers in the 5G Wireless Network technology that is poised to drive millions of connected devices across the globe in the future. In fact, this technology is poised to alter the mobility landscape forever. Considering the huge potential of the 5G technology, it becomes viable to know it better so that you can be aware of what lies ahead for the mobile setup of your business in the coming times. Accordingly, you can revamp your mobile app development strategy to avail the best benefits of 5G. Let us give you an overview of the technology and how it will transform the mobility landscape in the future.

5G vis-a-vis 4G: What makes it better?
5G is going to bring a host of opportunities for the businesses as well as consumers because it surpasses 4G in more than one way. From high speed to lower latency, it will offer a host of benefits to make data travel without delay and interference. It opens the opportunity for wireless connectivity as well as promises a uniform experience with great coverage options. Additionally, great wireless power will allow more devices to connect seamlessly in an IoT-based ecosystem. Taking these benefits to the next level, the 5G technology will spell a bright future for mobile apps as well. Here are the ways it will impact mobile apps in 2019.

Speed will be enhanced manifold
The advent of this futuristic technology will enable a super fast download speed for the app, making it much easier for the users to download them in just a few seconds, no matter what the app size is. The benefit of speed will not be confined only to the users but will also assist the app marketers to capitalize on download based monetization plans. Another perk that will come with the introduction of this technology to mobile apps will be in the form of greater retention. Streaming apps, in particular, will benefit from 5G as it will resolve the streaming lags and prevent user abandonment.

User experiences will get better
Taking the point of lag-free streaming forward, it can be said that 5G will improve user experiences without any doubt. The difference between hearing music or watching videos on a 2G network and an LTE Network is quite significant and it can be well imagined that the change will be even bigger once 5G comes in. The emergence of this innovation will have a huge impact on the interface and experience delivered by the apps.

File transfer will become faster
As 5G will render greater speed, the transfer of files will become faster as well. This is great news for the mobile app categories which have their business model based on the transfer of data or money from an account to another one. A majority of business apps actually use money transfer features which is the reason that the technology of 5G is a big innovation for them.

App latency will be reduced or nullified
One of the aspects that stand in the way of a good user experience on apps is their latency; users would never appreciate apps that do not respond fast. But with the introduction of 5G mobile apps, this issue will be resolved for good. In fact, apps will respond even faster than real-time, which means that the user experiences will be better than ever in this context too.

Challenges that hinder the implementation of 5G in mobile apps
Embracing innovations is never easy and the 5G technology is no exception. The first thing to do is to understand the challenges and then address them. With the implementation of 5G, here are the challenges that businesses and app developers may come across:

  • As speed increases, the number of connected devices, as well as networks, will increase too, which can become a potential security challenge for the apps.
  • The high-speed 5G network will demand changes in business models to use its potential to the maximum and app developers have to put in a lot more thought in app design and strategy.
  • When 5G will come into practice, businesses will have to cater to app solutions for diverse users. For instance, they will have to run a simpler version for a 2G device and an advanced one for a 5G device.

With 5G all set to take the mobility space by storm in 2019, getting ready does not seem like an option anymore for businesses. The best thing to do is to hire mobile app developers who can assist you with the same. While you can get new apps that align with 5G, the other way is to tweak the existing one to make it ready for the innovation. Mobibiz is the application development partner that you can trust for the job. Share your requirements with us and we will get you geared up for this new development on the app landscape!

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