10 Factors That Ensure An Excellent UX For Your Business App


So you have decided that you need a mobile app for targeting your customers? Well, this is one smart decision but you need to know that your app has to be superb to fetch users and retain them. Considering the hundreds of similar apps that you would rival yours on the App Store, this seems like a big challenge. Firstly, you will need to promote and optimize your app so that it is downloaded by a maximum number of people. Then comes the real test, which is to retain the user and prevent him from abandoning the app. The key lies in serving an exceptional user experience that is capable of engaging the user and holding his attention. So what cooks up a great UX? What are the factors that ensure an excellent experience for your app’s user? Read on to know more before you invest in iPhone app development for your business!

1. Easy onboarding
First things first, start by ensuring that the user can onboard the app easily with simple, easy-to-understand instructions, and brief yet complete information about its usage. Have simplified sign up, with fewer forms to fill and registration through social logins. A faulty onboarding process, on the other hand, reduces the chances of download and elevates the abandonment and uninstall rates.

2. Design matters the most
The design is perhaps the most critical element of an app’s user experience. Create a user persona, understand their demographics, preferences, expectations. Now you need to create a design that matches the expectations of the user and replicates your brand image as well. The idea is to enable the user to associate the mobile application with your business brand right at the first glimpse.

3. Make the navigation simple and intuitive
Another factor to bear in mind while crafting your app’s UX is its navigation. Make the interface as clutter-free as possible, with only the needed elements and buttons. Make it intuitive so that the user can navigate through it without having to tax his brain. Place the call-to-action buttons clearly so that they are visible on different devices.

4. Focus on performance
An app’s performance makes or breaks its success because mobile users are an impatient lot. Even a minor lapse in performance can cause them to uninstall your mobile application. So you need to test it well for ensuring responsiveness and low crash rates so that every single experience is consistent and seamless. Avoid using heavy images on the app as they can cause it to crash or load slowly.

5. Typing should be minimal
No user would want to make efforts for performing actions and using the mobile application, whether it is for shopping on an e-commerce app or accessing news from a news app. Therefore, you need to minimize the need for typing and rather focus on gesture-based features for the application. Drop-downs with options is a good way to minimize the in-app typing requirements.

6. Make it available in the offline mode too
Another impactful parameter for propelling the UX for your business app is to make it functional in the offline mode. Network issues are a common occurrence and users prefer the apps that address such issues. A mobile application that does not work without network accessibility is seen as a useless baggage by smartphone owners.

7. Minimize power consumption
Minimizing power consumption is another way of optimizing the UX rendered by your business mobile app. A typical user would not want to retain one that has high power consumption, both while downloading it and running it. Consider the power limitations of all kinds of devices and develop bite-sized apps that are apt for all.

8. Go multi-lingual
If you want your business app to reach the maximum number of users, consider going multi-lingual. Discuss the possibility of multiple language versions with your mobile app development company and work out a feasible solution. This is important if you run an international business and target a global audience.

9. Pay attention to usability
A business app is, after all, developed with a purpose in mind. This makes usability a key element of successful UX. The mobile application may be for selling goods or services online, driving subscriptions, gaming, or other purposes. Whatever may be your objective, ensure that you give something that caters value to the users and gives them what they expect.

10. Get personalized
Another useful tip to elevate your app’s UX is to make it personalized. This can be done by tracking and analyzing the user’s in-app behavior and preferences. Accordingly, it can deliver personalized notifications and offers to the users. Similarly, the user’s location can be used for delivering personalized location-based messages.

Since there is a lot that you need to do for driving excellence in your app’s UX, it is better to engage professional developers to handle each of the aspects. Not only do they render all these basic UX parameters for your business app, but they can also come up with some unique ideas to make it even better. So it is best to partner with experts with the right skills and experience.

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