10 Android 9 Pie Features That Everyone Needs To Know

Android 9 Pie Features That Everyone Needs To Know

After Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo, there was a great deal of curiosity and speculation about the name of the next Android version. The wait came to an end as Google unveiled Android 9 Pie on 6th August 2018. Obviously, every platform user will not be able to taste a slice as the version is available only for Google Pixel users right now. However, it will be available to all users by the end of the year. Since a lot is going to be changed with this new version, those looking to hire android app developers for creating a business app need to know all about it. Here are the 10 Android 9 Pie features that make it better than its predecessors.

1. Gesture-based navigation
Pie is all set to redefine the quintessential three-button navigation system for the Android platform and replace it with a gesture-based one. The UI navigation will now be a combination of swipes and tabs, with a specific gesture performing a specific function. For instance, the user will have to tap Home to reach home, swipe up for accessing the recent apps page and swipe up twice for accessing the app drawer.

2. Action prediction
Another commendable feature in this new version is App Action which makes it capable of predicting the user actions on the basis of the past usage. Much like Artificial Intelligence, this feature enhances the user experience by serving as a smart action prediction tool.

3. Battery optimization
Battery optimization is another intelligent feature that Android Pie offers out-of-the-box. It can predict the apps that the user is likely to use (and not likely to use) during a specific time period. This facilitates the allocation of battery usage for each app on a priority basis.

4. Automated Brightness
Besides saving the device battery, this new OS also automates the brightness according to the environmental requirements and learned behavior. With this feature, the user need not be concerned about adjusting the brightness manually.

5. Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing is another exceptional feature that Android Pie offers. The enables the user to track the parameters such as device usage time and the time spent on individual apps. Moreover, they can use the feature to eliminate visual interruptions by keeping the phone on Do Not Disturb mode.

6. A slice of everything
With this all-new platform version, the users can easily get a slice of their favorite application while they are running some other app on the device. This means that they can slice an app into portions and use the one that is relevant for them even when something else is processing on the device.

7. Notification Manager
Android 9 Pie provides greater control to the user in terms of notification management. It is possible to turn off the notifications for specific sets of apps while some others can be kept in priority for notifications. With this feature, it becomes easier to manage the traffic on the notification bar.

8. Restriction on app usage
For the users who want to restrict the usage of a particular app, Android Pie has an amazing feature on the plate. Once this restriction is placed, the user will be alerted as soon as the specified time limit is exhausted. This is a useful feature for those looking to minimize phone usage.

9. Limitation of background apps
Next on the list of the 10 new features of Android Pie is the ability to limit the apps running in its background. Once the user identifies the apps he wants to restrict, they are no longer able to remain active in the background but open only when the user clicks the icon with the intention to open them.

10. Colorful and rounded UI
In addition to bringing features that enhance the experience of Android users, the new platform version also offers a more colorful and rounded UI. There are certain visual elements that differ noticeably from those of Oreo. There are some colorful icons in the Settings while users may also notice rounded corners in the Quick Settings icon. With its updated animations and new gestures, Pie definitely looks smooth and alive in comparison to the previous versions.

A bundle of new features makes Android Pie an attractive option for the users and most would be excited about having it running on their devices soon. Businesses would also need to take up expert Android app development services to gear up their new and existing apps. The idea is to have their business apps well-aligned for devices running on this platform. Mobibiz is a leading app development company that specializes in creating apps for Android and iPhone platforms. Connect with us to get custom apps that match your business requirements.

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