5 Biggest Challenges That Are Faced By iOS App Developers

5 Biggest Challenges That Are Faced By iOS App Developers

Over the years, Apple has won the hearts of global smartphone users with the numerous innovative devices that it has brought to the market. Needless to say, businesses realize the need for having apps for the platform so that they can target this segment of users. When it comes to app development, the iOS platform presents some significant challenges that differ from those faced by Android app developers. Therefore, those planning to hire iPhone app developer for creating an app for their business need to be aware of these challenges. Let us list a few for you.

1. Device compatibility
To date, Apple has launched a diverse range of iPhones and iPads in the market. Building apps that are backward and forward compatible with the entire range of the brand surfaces as a significant challenge for the developer team. As a client, you need to ensure that the app is tested thoroughly with a TaaS product to prevent any compatibility issues.

2. App Store approval
The iOS App Store lays down some stringent guidelines that need to be followed by every app seeking approval. This can be quite a tough task for the team and even a minor slip can lead to loss of time and money. The best thing to do is to hire a reputed iPhone App Development Company that has already created and launched a number of apps successfully.

3. Performance and memory constraints
Another common problem that iPhone developers come across relates to the performance and memory constraints. Since iPhone devices do not come with garbage collection, memory management becomes a tricky task. The app is even at the risk of getting terminated in case it becomes a source control. Developers also need to ensure that they do not create apps that drain the device battery and cause performance lags.

4. Poor network conditions
Another significant challenge that comes while developing these apps relates to network speed. This is particularly witnessed in case of resource-intensive applications such as a video app and live streaming app. The best way to address this issue is by considering the data consumption of the application and optimizing it accordingly.

5. User Interface
The user interface (UI) of a mobile app is a critical parameter for determining its success. A high-end UI promises a better User Experience (UX), which increases the chances of the app getting more downloads and higher retention. Since the mobile screen of iOS devices is comparatively smaller, fitting an attractive UI there in can be a yet another developmental challenge related to these apps.

Hire A Professional To Help
Seeing these tough challenges that are associated with iPhone app development, the road seems tough for businesses looking to explore this avenue. However, joining hands with a trustworthy and experienced mobile app development company is the best thing to do. A team that has a relevant skill set and experience in this domain can understand your requirements and build iPhone apps to match them. When you consider a service provider for your project, ensure that the team is capable of delivering the complete service range, from design to development, testing, App Store optimization, and maintenance and support for your iPhone app. Mobibiz is a name that you can trust for comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective services.

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