Latest Play Store Update Makes ‘Android 8.0’-Ready Apps A Necessity

Latest Play Store Update Makes ‘Android 8.0’-Ready Apps A Necessity

The close of 2017 brought some significant events for Android developers, with the announcement related to some upcoming changes in Play Store policies in 2018 being one of them. It declared that the apps published after August 2018 have to be Android 8.0-ready, while the existing ones have to be updated by November 2018. Further, it was stated that by 1st November 2018, any app update will not be allowed unless it is designed to match the features and specifications of Android 8.0. As the date draws closer, it is time for every business and android app development company to gear up for the upcoming change. Though the action seems simple on the surface, there is a lot to be considered and a lot involved as well.

Why has Google Play Store ideated this change?
According to Google, the change is basically purposed at enhancing the security of the Android apps. The Pre-Marshmallow device models do not explicitly seek manual permission for app requests from its users. Therefore, it is possible for these apps to access contacts, location, microphone, gallery, and more. This makes it possible for app owners to collect and sell this information to marketers without the users even coming to know about it. As this happens, it fuels mobile app fraud cases and creates issues with compliance to data security regulations.

With the implementation of the latest Play Store guidelines, every app development company will be required to ask for explicit app permissions from every app user. The apps will have to provide the option of clicking on the ‘Deny’ button to the users when they ask for an app request. With this step, Google has ensured that the user’s information will be protected and not shared unless he gives explicit permissions for the same. Also, it will enable the restriction of Android malware-related issues.

What is expected in the future?
Google’s reputation with regards to user security is not as great as that of Apple is, but there’s a lot that it plans to do to improve things at its end. Starting from the next year, it will come up with new updates that app developers will have to adhere to so that they can deliver the best solutions for the users. Primarily, the focus will be on compelling them to build applications that are compatible with the latest released version of Android. If not done, the app will not get updated or uploaded.

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