Understanding The Types And Categories Of Mobile Apps

Understanding The Types And Categories Of Mobile Apps

Mobility has become the center of business operations these days. As a majority of customers are using smartphones today, businesses need to have mobile applications to be able to reach them. No wonder, the mobile app development industry has seen a phenomenal boost in the recent years. Before you invest in a smart app for your business, you need to know about the type of app that would be apt for your needs. Basically, these are classified in two ways, on the basis of technologies and their functionalities. Let’s explore both the categories.

App Classification On The Basis Of Technology
Mobile applications are classified on the basis of technologies used to create them and the platforms that they are capable of running on. These include:

Native Apps: The apps that are created for a specific operating system are referred to as native applications. Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems, while Windows is another widely used one. You will have to study your customer base to identify the OS that the majority uses and approach an iOS or Android app development company accordingly.

Mobile Web Apps: Mobile web apps refer to the websites that are capable of rendering native app-like experiences on mobile devices. They can work on PC web browsers and a range of mobile devices with different operating systems as well. Users can access them like a normal web page and them even install them on the home screen using minimum device memory. However, on the downside, they do not enable the use of all the device functionalities.

Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps combine the best of native and web applications. Like their native counterparts, they reside in the App Store and can avail the device features. On the other hand, they are structurally similar to web applications as they are built using technologies such as CSS and HTML. They have a single code base and are fast and easy to develop. But they lack in the area of speed and performance.

App Classification On The Basis Of Functionalities
The other way to classify mobile applications is on the basis of their functionalities and the purpose they serve. These include:

Business Apps: The role of business apps is growing important as buyers prefer to transact via mobile phones rather than visit websites for the same. Similarly, enterprise mobility solutions are gaining pace these days as they are empowering workforce and enhancing business efficiencies.

Gaming Apps: A major share of the App Store lies with gaming apps which come with a host of innovative features. Advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are being used to enrich them and deliver compelling gaming experiences.

Educational Apps: As the name suggests, educational apps are meant for rendering learning and training services for students and learners. There is a huge variety in them, from the ones built to teach young children to the ones created to train the industrial workforce.

Entertainment Apps: Entertainment apps are meant for the various forms of entertainment other than gaming. These include the ones for chatting, streaming, listening to music, watching videos online and searching events.

Lifestyle Apps: These are the applications that serve various purposes and improve the user’s lifestyle in one way or the other. Some of the common examples are the ones meant for weight loss, fitness tracking, virtual styling and social media connectivity.

Utility Apps: Utility apps are developed to cater to specific user requirements by delivering useful features. Healthcare monitors, document scanners, and taxi booking apps are the clearest examples of utility apps.

The variety of mobile apps is extensive, which makes it challenging to identify the one that is a perfect fit for your business requirements. Partnering with a professional App Development Company is a good idea as experts can suggest the relevant mobility solution on the basis of your requirements. Mobibiz is a leading application development partner that specializes in creating diverse applications for diverse needs. Connect with us to avail comprehensive app solutions for your business.

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