Factors That Impact The App Development Timelines

Factors That Impact The App Development Timelines

Mobile apps have become the lifeline of businesses today as they help them to capture the pulse of the audience and cater to their expectations too. No wonder, the demand for apps has been climbing up consistently over the years. Even while there are thousands of service providers in the domain, the challenge of finding the right mobile app development company is still big. There is a need to look for one that gives quality services right within your budget and also delivers the apps within an optimal time frame. Now, the big question is about how much time is required to create a mobile app. Although 4-6 months is considered as a standard, the timeline may vary based on some factors. Let’s check them out:

Features required
The basic rule of thumb for mobile app development is that the more features that an app requires, the longer time it will need to be developed and deployed. It is not only the number of features that matter but their complexity too. For instance, iBeacon app development will obviously need more time and skills as compared to a normal one.

Targeted platforms
The next factor that influences the development time is the platforms that it needs to target. The client opting for native app development may want separate apps for various platforms, which may take longer. The other option is that of hybrid apps, which require a single codebase for multiple platforms. This means that the timespan of the project will be shorter.

The app budget too determines the timelines for the project. A client who is willing to spend more can push the developers to work faster on the job, which means that they can churn out the application within the shortest interval of time as committed.

Developer expertise
The skills, expertise, and experience of the developer team also influence the speed of the development process. Obviously, they will be better equipped to understand the client’s requirements and deliver the right kind of custom app to fulfill these requirements.

Development process
A lot depends on the development process of the company too. A provider that has a client-centric methodology is the best choice because the scope for error is limited. Similarly, look for someone who follows a tried and tested process to ensure fast completion of projects. Finally, the commitment of adhering to deadlines is also important.

Mobibiz is a renowned app development company in India that has an excellent reputation for creating custom apps within budget and timeline constraints. The developer team is skilled and experienced and possesses an excellent track record of completing projects in time.

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