5 Trends Influencing Social Media App Development

5 Trends Influencing Social Media App Development

The recent years have witnessed the predominance of social media in the application development space. It comes as no surprise that these apps crowd the App Store and also that most users have one or more of them installed on their smartphones. The best thing about social media apps is that they keep you connected on-the-go. You need not access the internet through a desktop or laptop to be in touch with your loved ones or professional contacts. Just a few taps on the smartphone screen and you have the world open right in front of you. However, social media app development has evolved over the years as users look for better experiences with innovative functionalities and rich features. Let’s check out the latest trends influencing it today.

1. Social commerce
Social commerce has emerged as the most disruptive trend in this space. Social commerce apps enable the users to carry out peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, making transactions as simple as a click of the finger. Users can securely connect their bank cards to the app in accordance with the rules and regulations of the banking system. Payment can be transferred quickly and easily to another user by simply connecting with the desired payment method, entering the amount and clicking to complete the payment.

2. Social selling
Another ground-breaking trend in this space is that of social selling, which refers to the use of social media channels to sell goods and services. With these apps, your potential customers have the goods and services at their fingertips, making shopping more convenient than ever. With this form of selling becoming a necessity today, more and more businesses are takiAndroidPhone and android app development services to empower themselves with such applications.

3. Live videos and streamed content
While features such payment transactions and mobile selling are in hot demand, a majority of users look for compelling experiences as a key element. Video content and live streaming are making it big as a trend as they add unmatched value to the user experience an app delivers. Anything that is visual rocks for social media enthusiasts as they love sharing videos with their connections.

4. Storytelling
Apps like Snapchat have changed the concept of social sharing by weaving stories in communication between the users. They encourage users to share their stories that engage others and spark genuine interest. Contacts, in turn, are driven to give immediate feedback on these stories, thus making connections more genuine and accessible.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
AR and VR are regarded as the most disruptive technologies that have made their way into the mobility domain. These technologies have transformed mobile experiences across a variety of apps, including social media apps. Social platforms are leveraging these advancements to transform the way users interact with each other.

If you are planning to invest in a social app, make sure that you follow these key trends to get a great response. At Mobibiz, we are a leading mobile app development company that caters advanced mobile applications for diverse requirements. We have a team of developers that holds expertise in a wide range of platforms and technologies, as well as follows the latest trends to create result-oriented mobility solutions.

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