5 Technologies That Are Redefining The Online Shopping Scenario

Technologies That Are Redefining The Online Shopping Scenario

E-commerce has come a long way since its inception a few decades ago. The growth it has shown is phenomenal as shoppers across the globe are embracing it with open arms. Considering a 2017 survey on e-commerce trend that suggested that over 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, the future of the industry looks rosy. For this reason, the domain seems to be a lucrative one and sellers look to join the bandwagon. However, there are plenty of challenges that wait for them as the competition is huge, with hundreds of sellers offering similar products.

The idea is to bring quality in what you offer and also go an extra mile with the experience you provide. The best way to stand apart is to adopt innovative shopping technologies that differentiate you from others in terms of shopping experiences. There are plenty of such technologies that are transforming the scenario. Here are 5 disruptive ones that can help you craft compelling shopping experiences on your online store.

1. M-Commerce is the winner
M-commerce is the winning e-commerce technology as it is focused on delivering the most amazing shopping experiences. Shopping app development has become an essential investment for every e-commerce business today as you cannot think of gaining footage without a mobile presence. Smartphone has emerged as the most popular buying channel for online shoppers as they love the ease of shopping-on-the-go experiences. Moreover, being visible in the app store enables the business to extend its reach as well as get a branding advantage.

2. Personalization through behavioral analysis
Another technology that is poised elevate online shopping experiences is that of Big Data and Analytics. Behavioral analysis tracks the activity of the visitors to gather information about the search histories, user demographics, and shopping preferences. Empowered with this information, stores can get useful insights related to the users and use the same to deliver personalized recommendations and offers for enhanced experiences.

3. AR and VR take things to the next level
Almost every mobile app development company in India and abroad suggests investing in apps enriched with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. The reason is that these futuristic technologies are capable of making shopping more immersive than ever. Customers who could only make a judgment on the basis of seeing the images of the products can now actually “try them on” with the technology of virtual try-rooms.

4. Artificial Intelligence is real now
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the mainstay of e-commerce success as it is capable of transforming the customer support process. A majority of stores and apps are relying on AI-powered chatbots to customize the support function and provide a conversational interface very similar to human interactions. The only difference is that these smart virtual assistants are even better than real customer support because they are available round the clock.

5. Intuitive searching with voice and visuals
Intuitive image and voice search technologies are being used to make searches easier for the online shoppers. Now they can simply speak up the search keywords or upload an image taken from the mobile camera and the app will find the product for them. So product searching becomes a no-hassle job for the online shopper with this innovative technology.

Considering the impact that these smart technologies are having on online shopping experiences, it becomes imperative for businesses to embrace them. There is a need to engage a reputed iPhone and Android app development company so that you can empower your e-commerce app with the right technology portfolio. This is a small investment to make considering the benefits that it can bring to your business.

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