Wearable Technology Is Going To Change The Game For Healthcare Domain

Wearable Technology Is Going To Change The Game For Healthcare Domain

The healthcare scenario has witnessed tremendous improvement over the past decades. Researchers and scientists have come up with innovative therapies, medicines, and techniques for increasing life expectancy to a significant extent. Technology has played an equally crucial role in transforming the industry by driving better patient connectivity and care. Wearable technology is one of the most influential technologies in this context.

Amazingly, the smart wearable devices are becoming the backbone of medical care today. The adoption of these devices is widespread and is likely to increase at an unprecedented pace. According to the Huffington Post, the number of people using wearables is likely to cross the 130 million mark by 2018. Moreover, both the providers as well as the patients are relying on them for delivering and receiving better care respectively. Let’s explore how the technology is going to change the game for the healthcare industry.

Patients and Wearables
As more and more providers are taking up Health App Development, the level of patient care is improving consistently. The integration of wearable technology has taken things a step further as patients can avail a host of advantages with it:

  • Health trackers enable continuous monitoring of the vital stats and transmit data to the provider to enable remote monitoring.
  • It is possible to deliver emergency treatment to the critically-ill patients who are at home in case these devices indicate any medical emergency.
  • The compliance rate is also improved as most of the wearable apps are designed to give reminders and alerts regarding appointments, dosage, and prescription replenishment.
  • Another benefit of wearables is that they enable proper documentation of patient records along with in-app maintenance of these records, making things simpler for the patient.

Providers and Wearables
Like patients, providers too can avail extensive benefits by investing in wearable device app development. Here are some ways the technology enables them to elevate the standard of their services:

  • Hospitals and healthcare centers can reduce their costs and manpower requirements by using wearable devices for the patients. Just a small device attached to the patient’s chest is a smarter way to access the vital parameters rather than having the nursing staff do it periodically.
  • Wearables provide useful patient data which empowers the providers to predict and improve outcomes by using smart analytics.
  • Most providers look for a mobile app development company that is capable of integrating the IoT technology into their wearable apps. With these apps, they can get the benefit of seamless connectivity between the patients, providers, and medical equipment.
  • Surgeons are adopting advanced wearables such as Google Glass to assist them during surgical procedures. They enable pre-loading of the CT and X-ray images so that the surgeon need not leave the patient’s side to have a look at them, in this way, he can focus the entire attention towards the surgery.

Seeing the benefits that wearable technology brings for patients and providers, it comes as no surprise that the industry is embracing it with open arms. This is the reason that devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, and Google Glass are making hot buys for the consumers as well as medical professionals. At the same time, the demand for apps that power these devices is also on a boom.

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