What Makes Enterprise Mobility A Raging Business Trend

What Makes Enterprise Mobility A Raging Business Trend

As the adoption of technology becomes the mainstay of business growth, enterprise mobility becomes one of the most widely used terms today. As the name suggests, it refers to the deployment of mobile technology to improve operations and processes across an organization. A large number of organizations are embracing enterprise mobility solutions to avail their extensive benefits and keep pace with the futuristic trends.

The reasons are plain and simple- firstly, the increasing number of mobile users and secondly, the extensive benefits that these apps bring. A 2014 Forrester study reported that deployment of mobility solutions in enterprises can take up the employee productivity by as much as 38 percent and reduce the process costs by almost 30 percent. Before availing the services of a mobile app development company for creating such an app, let’s delve deeper into the reasons that make enterprise mobility a raging business trend.

Strengthens the core systems with real-time management
Enterprise apps strengthen the core systems and processes by establishing connectivity within the organization. They give employees access to the historical and current business data which they can use anytime and from anywhere, for taking vital business decisions. This enhances their efficiency and keeps them connected even when they are in the field. Not only do these apps streamline data retrieval but also enable reliable analysis and reporting. In this way, they serve as a transparent and robust management and reporting platform.

Supports the adoption of BYOD strategy
Another reason that these apps are gaining such massive popularity is that they support the adoption of bringing your own device (BYOD) initiative by empowering the use of personal devices for business purposes. In this scenario, employees are given the flexibility to access the business data from their own devices. At the same time, developers ensure that certain security protocols are adhered to so that the business data is not comprised in any way.

Serves as an effective engagement channel
Enterprise apps serve as an effective engagement channel for various business entities, from the management to employees, partners, and customers. They enable fast and effective collaboration between them whenever there is a need. This in itself brings an array of advantages for the business, from streamlining the workflow across multi-level hierarchies to improving the quality of customer services and ensuring better coordination with partners. Another factor that drives engagement with these apps is the mobile app UI/UX design. Needless to say, it is critical for the app to deliver seamless experiences so that enterprise users can avail full advantage from them.

Assists the businesses to embrace disruptive technologies like AI
A business that embraces enterprise mobility gets ready for the adoption of AI without any additional efforts. Virtual assistants, voice assistants, virtual reality, automated devices, and facial recognition apps are just a few examples of AI. Businesses need to have a mobility plan in place for getting these AI-powered functions to work as all these are driven by a mobile app. Therefore, enterprise mobility forms the backbone of a futuristic organization.

Considering the array of benefits these apps are capable of bringing to organizations, it becomes imperative that they make them a part of their setup. For this, they need to partner with a reputed mobile application development partner with experience in this domain. At Mobibiz, we are a leading Android, iPhone, and cross-platform app development company. We also specialize in creating advanced enterprise mobility solutions that use the latest technologies and add value to the business.

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