6 Tech Trends That Will Impact Enterprise Mobility In 2018

Tech Trends That Will Impact Enterprise Mobility In 2018

The past few years have been disruptive for the enterprise space, with most of the businesses taking up high-tech enterprise mobility solutions to simplify their routine processes, enhance employee productivity, and boost overall profits. Mobility has, in fact, become the lifeline of businesses as it enables them to bridge the gaps between employees, partners, and customers like never before. However, the constant upgrades in technology form the basis of consistent changes and improvements in the mobility solutions that enterprises take up. Like the previous years, entrepreneurs can expect some positive changes in 2018 too. Let’s check the upcoming tech trends that are likely to shape enterprise mobility this year:

1. 2018 will be the year of enterprise-tailored apps
Unlike the normal mobile applications, enterprise-tailored apps are focused on serving specific, on-demand features to match the unique requirements of businesses. In 2018, the demand for mobile app development service in India and abroad will witness an inclination towards such tailored business apps as more and more companies would be keen on moving over to tailored solutions rather than generic ones.

2. BYOD culture will grow
Another trend that is going to get bigger this year is that of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which has earned full marks for augmenting the productivity of the employees. Things will get better in the BYOD space as enterprises will push developers to focus on the resolution of security issues, which is the biggest challenge of this technology.

3. Cross-platform apps will be more popular than ever
The growing adoption of BYOD culture by organizations will drive the need for going cross-platform. As the employees own a variety of devices, organizations would prefer to opt for cross-platform apps rather than invest separately in iPhone and Android app development.

4. Prominence of the IoT and Wearables
In 2018, the Internet of Things will have a massive impact on enterprise mobility, with the increasing use of wearable devices to establish seamless connectivity between the workforce. Businesses will considerably depend on IoT-enabled devices for having access to the voluminous enterprise data anytime and from anywhere.

5. AI will have a far-reaching impact
Undoubtedly, AI has been growing bigger with the passage of time and 2018 will see it get even bigger. The enterprise apps will harness the power of AI to empower organizations and employees with predictive analysis for making better business decisions. Additionally, apps will use AI-powered chatbots to provide better customer experiences in the future.

6. More enterprise apps will leverage location-based services
Location-based technology has already been making waves in 2017 and it is likely to become even more prominent this year as more business applications will aspire to leverage these services. Location-based services drive immersive user experiences as these are able to track the user locations and deliver notifications accordingly. The enterprise segment can use these apps for their workforce as well as consumers.

With such innovative trends in store, 2018 looks like an exciting year full of opportunities for enterprises to take themselves to the next level. All they need to do is to find the right application development partner to come up with an appropriate technology solution for them. At Mobibiz, we are a leading app development company in India that caters advanced mobility solutions that match the client’s needs. We specialize in a wide range of industry-centric solutions, ranging from m-commerce, manufacturing, retail, mobile banking app development, and more.

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