Disruptive Trends That Will Redefine Wearable App Development In 2018

Disruptive Trends That Will Redefine Wearable App Development In 2018

The wearable technology has emerged as a game-changer in the past few years, as it extends applications beyond computers and smart devices. In fact, wearables bring them closer than ever as the wearer actually has these devices on his body. No wonder that devices such as smart glasses, smart watches, and Fitbit are making it big in the market today as they are transforming the user experiences beyond expectations.

Correspondingly, there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for wearable app development services across the entire industry verticals. As more and more businesses are investing in such apps, there is a need to stand apart so that they can avail the benefit of this investment. In this context, it is essential to follow the latest trends to make a mark with the business application. Let’s explore the disruptive trends that are going to redefine wearable applications in 2018:

1. App discoverability is going to be crucial
The apps made for these devices are compactable in nature as it facilitates the transfer of data to other devices by connecting them with the wearables. This means that the developers would need to focus on creating distinctive apps that are different from the ones made for mobile. The idea is to make them easily discoverable despite their small size.

2. Wearables will make the biggest impact on the healthcare segment
In 2018, the healthcare segment is all set to witness a major wearable boom. These devices have been used for improving the standards of patient care since the past few years. Most caregivers who have already taken up healthcare app development will now graduate to wearable apps in 2018. These smart apps enable quick evaluation of vital parameters for faster and more accurate diagnoses. Additionally, they facilitate the maintenance of health records and delivery of prompt treatment when needed.

3. Beacons and GPS technology will bring bigger opportunities for wearables
The innovative location-based technologies such as beacons and GPS are going to disrupt the wearable space this year. These technologies are already being used to render mobile apps with amazing features such as location-based offers and push notifications. Now that more and more app developers will be leveraging them, wearables will get smarter than ever.

4. User interactivity will be the key feature for enhancing these apps
When it comes to creating wearable apps that deliver exceptional experiences, the entire focus will be on user interactivity. Features such as single swipe and one tap can make them interactive and user-friendly as they save time and makes searches easier, considering the major challenge of the limited screen size that wearable users come across.

5. Data security for wearables will be strengthened
As wearable devices are poised to become as mainstream as smartphones, data security will be a significant concern for the developers. An extra layer of data security will be indispensable for wearable apps of the future. Adherence to this trend will ensure unmatched security for wearable applications.

6. The bond between the IoT and wearables will be stronger
The IoT-powered devices such as those used for office and home automation, driverless cars, and industrial equipment, are run with powerful smart apps. But 2018 will bring them closer, with a stronger connection between IoT and wearables. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to be able to turn on the lights and air-conditioning back home with just a single tap on your smartwatch!

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