Augmented Reality Is All Set To Redefine Banking Apps Of The Future

Augmented Reality Is All Set To Redefine Banking Apps

The technology of Augmented Reality has come a long way, but the most impressive fact is that it has done so in an amazingly short span of time. Starting with the global impact it made with Pokemon Go in 2016, AR has become a household name by the end of 2017. Defined as the superimposition of the virtual world over the real-world, the technology is capable of creating unmatched experiences. No wonder, it is making such buzz everywhere.

The rise has been meteoric indeed as a large number of businesses across diverse verticals are embracing the technology with enthusiasm. Augmented Reality app development is in booming demand these days. An AR-based application is capable of identifying the components of the physical environment and then augments them with object recognition technology. It manipulates these objects digitally to provide enhanced, interactive experiences. After healthcare, real estate, travel and hospitality, the banking industry is the latest to join the AR bandwagon. Let us see how AR is poised to redefine banking apps of the future.

Enhanced Customer Experiences
Augmented Reality is capable of enhancing the customer experiences and transforming the way they engage with the banks. The navigation experience on such apps is immersive and interactive. By investing in this technology as a part of mobile banking app development, banks can bring in more customers without having to incur additional operational costs.

Personalized Offers By Push Notifications
With AR-powered mobile apps, it is possible to provide location-based offers to the customers via push notifications. The feature enables the app users to use their smartphone camera and search the best deals and offers near their location. They can also search for the bank branches and ATM’s located in close proximity using this feature.

Improved In-Branch Navigation
Combined with beacon technology, these apps can serve improved in-branch navigation for the users so that they can easily locate the right service desk and the right person they need to contact. In this way, the day to day working becomes easier for the banks as well as the customers.

Looking at the extensive benefits that the AR-powered apps can offer to the banking sector, it comes as no surprise that all the major players have already taken the initiative. Many others will be looking to take them up in the near future. For those already running their mobile apps, the real challenge lies in integrating the AR technology into their existing systems. The best approach would be to engage an expert iPhone and Android app development company that is capable of handling this challenge.

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