Trends That Are Likely To Shape M-Commerce In 2018

Trends That Are Likely To Shape M-Commerce In 2018

E-commerce selling comes with huge challenges as the sellers have to reach the maximum number of potential buyers and influence them to convert. Having an omni channel presence is vital for businesses that want to accomplish high sales targets as well as build their brands. Additionally, a robust m-commerce strategy is needed to capitalize on the mobile presence. Whether you already have an app running or are planning to invest in mobile app development services, you need to know all about the latest trends to get maximum benefits. Here are some trends that are likely to shape m-commerce in 2018.

1. The rise of mobile web apps
Online buyers prefer to use mobile applications rather than access the e-commerce sites in a mobile browser. This is the reason why most retailers are opting to supplement their websites with m-commerce applications. However, it is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming task. Sellers looking for an easier option can go for mobile web app development, a trend that is expected to gather steam in 2018. These progressive web apps are acclaimed for the app-like experience they deliver, despite being faster to build and easier to maintain.

2. Increased focus on one-click payments
A long-drawn and complicated checkout process can be the main reason for the abandonment of mobile shopping carts. This year, the focus will be on simplifying the process by reducing the number of steps while making mobile payments. Besides reducing the complexities, it minimizes the chances of error as well as reduces the amount of information to be shared by the shopper.

3. Seamless blending of customer experiences across multiple channels
Another m-commerce trend that will make it big in 2018 is that of blending the customer experiences across varied channels in a seamless manner. Integration of technologies such as AR and VR into m-commerce applications can merge the boundaries between the physical and the virtual and deliver life-like experiences to the shoppers. Virtual try rooms are the best instance of the use of AR and VR in the real-world scenario.

4. AI-powered chatbots will become a must-have
The Artificial Intelligence technology has taken over various business domains and e-commerce is no exception. Every app will embrace the AI-powered chatbots to deliver superior customer support and to enhance their shopping experiences with personalized recommendations and offers as well.

5. Greater emphasis on fraud prevention
The past few years have witnessed a rise in mobile frauds as hackers have come up with sophisticated means for exploiting the smartphone channel. Every Android and iPhone application development company will be gearing up to face this challenge with a greater emphasis on fraud prevention this year. App development will be focused on addressing the key security issues as well as fraud screening protocols to strengthen them against fraud.

6. Searches will become interactive with voice and image recognition
M-commerce apps of the future will be designed to make searches more interactive with features such as voice and image recognition. Users need not browse through thousands of products on the app to search the relevant ones. All they need to do is to speak a name or take a picture and share it with the app and they get the right products that match their expectations.

The competition on the m-commerce app scenario is stiff and a business needs to embrace all the latest trends to stay in the race. There is a need to have the right application development partner to help you with the same. Mobibiz is a trusted name to avail the latest in technologies and trends in the app development space. It has a diverse portfolio, specializing in m-commerce, travel, healthcare, educational, and social media app development, to name just a few. Get in touch and avail high-performance apps that take your business to the next level.

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