4 Mobile App Strategies To Promote Your Holiday Offers Effectively

4 Mobile App Strategies To Promote Your Holiday Offers Effectively

The holiday season is just around the corner and there are offers galore everywhere!! But just having an offer on your e-commerce store is only half the work done; you have to make sure that reaches the potential shoppers and creates buzz. Mobile is the top destination for online shoppers today and there is no way this selling channel can be ignored, even when it comes to getting across promotional messages to the customers. M-commerce apps play a significant role in promoting the holiday offers. Amazingly, the last few years have belonged to these apps, particularly in the retail segment where the major chunk of holiday revenue has been attributed to the mobile. Needless to say, merchants are coming up with ideas to promote holiday offers through mobile apps. Here are 4 mobile app strategies to help you to top up the holiday game:

1. Start with a sneak peek
Holiday time spells serious business for the retailers and they need to do their homework well in time. It is a good idea to study the customer preferences and the market beforehand and come up with deals to match the trends. You need to give the visitors a sneak peek of the deals they will get during the holidays. This is the right time to work on the mobile app design and give it a festive appearance to draw the user’s attention. Loyal customers can even be rewarded with special offers like early-bird deals and reserved time slots.

2. Deliver the relevant push notifications
Personalization has emerged as the most powerful online marketing strategy today. The push notification feature of mobile applications is the best way to deliver personalized offers and content to the potential buyers. You can use the behavioral data of the customers to identify their preferences and send them the relevant festive deals via push notifications. The strategy can also be used for retargeting the shoppers who have abandoned their shopping carts in previous instances.

3. Target with location-based strategy
Another powerful mobile tactic that propels holiday promotions is that of location-based strategy. For using this one, you need to have an iBeacon app that is capable of capturing location data and sending contextual alerts to the users located in the close vicinity of the physical store. The stores that also have their virtual counterparts can simply invite the shoppers to have a closer look at their offerings before actually availing the online holiday deals.

4. Simply, be available all the time
With the shoppers being in the festive mood, you never know when they will want to shop or find out more about the deals you have for them. Having a chatbot presence on your mobile application is the best way to be available 24 by 7 and take your support service to the highest level. It also helps your business to leverage the power of conversational commerce for building better relationships with the customers.

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