7 Features That Make A Truly Engaging Social Media Application

The growth of social media over the years has been overwhelming. Not only are the social platforms serving personal networking opportunities, but are also emerging as powerful business tools. A strategically developed social media app, in fact, is capable of steering the business towards phenomenal growth. However, like other mobile apps, there is a need to stand apart as this segment too is crowded with dominant players. Therefore, before getting involved in social media app development, you have to focus on creating exceptional experiences for the users so that your app is able to stay in the race. Here are the features that make a truly engaging social media application:

1. Compatibility with the popular platforms
The choice of the platform you have the app developed for determines the audience base for your application. While there is a stiff competition between iOS and Android as the most popular platforms, you can go for hybrid mobile app development if you want an extended reach. Besides targeting multiple platforms, these apps reduce the development cost and time.

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2. Easy connectivity
The main purpose that such apps fulfill is to bring together social media users. Therefore, these apps must be built to extend easy connectivity to the users. A seamless navigation, simplified signup/login process, and easy sharing are the features that enhance the app’s capability to establish connections between the users in an effortless manner.

3. Ability to build a network
Like social media websites, users install these apps to expand their network by connecting with like-minded people. The app should allow the user to invite friends and followers with just a click so that they can increase their social network. Additionally, they should be able to share updates and post content to keep people engaged with the network.

4. Enable the customization of user profile
Building impressive user profiles and customizing them is a key element of social networking. Social media apps should enable the same so that users can showcase their identity as well as enhance their credibility. The app profile comprises of common personal information such as the name, user ID, interests, and more. Users can customize their profiles by updating them with activities, moods, status, etc. They can also upload images and videos they want to share with other users.

5. Notifications and News Feed
Another essential feature of social media apps is Notifications and News Feed. The app should empower the users to share their views, post stories and updates, and upload images/videos. It should also encourage mutual interactions between the users with functionalities such as “Like” and “Comment”.

6. Allow private communication
Enabling secure in-app private communication is another plus that makes a social media app popular. With this feature, the app is likely to keep the users engaged for longer as they need not leave the app for having a one-to-one with their contacts. This translates into higher retention rate for the application.

7. Reliable security
Even though these applications are meant for social interaction, yet users expect a certain level of privacy and security. They would definitely not want their personal information and images to be shared publicly without permissions. The apps should provide reliable security to ensure that the users’ trust is maintained as they use them.

Seeing the features that an impressive social media application must have, it can be said that it takes a lot of skill, expertise, and experience to create one. Hiring a professional mobile app development company is the feasible step to take if you look to have such an application developed. At Mobibiz, we are a leading Android and iPhone application development company that specializes in creating rich and versatile applications at competitive prices. We have a long-standing industry experience along with an impressive track record of having catered a wide array of successful mobile applications for cross-industry clientage.

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