iBeacon Apps Are Poised To Become The Future Of Retail Selling

iBeacon Apps Are Poised To Become The Future Of Retail Selling

Mobile apps are definitely transforming the way people shop as they have made it possible to buy practically anything at just a tap of the finger. However, the huge number of apps out there make the competition stiff for the sellers and they have to think beyond the ordinary to stand apart. The answer lies in innovative technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and more. One of the advanced technologies that are breaking into the shopping app development space is that of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) that runs through iBeacons.

iBeacons are smart sensors that make use of Bluetooth connections to transmit messages to smartphone devices. The technology is making it big in the retail segment as these smart sensors are being installed in-store. Combined with the store’s mobile application on the user’s device, the iBeacons are capable of transforming shopping experiences in the most unimaginable ways. Let’s explore the amazing powers of these tiny devices:

Provide Personalized Interactions: Investing in iBeacon app development can be the smartest business decision you make as such an app will give you a definitive marketing edge. It brings the concept of proximity marketing to life as users are delivered personalized messages and offers based on their location, preferences, and buying history. For instance, when users with the app on their phone are near the brick-and-mortar store, they will be delivered a quick notification about the deals or product launches for the items they might be interested in.

Act As Virtual Shopping Assistants: Not only do these applications enhance the shopping experiences but also act as smart virtual assistants for the shoppers. They guide the customer to navigate in-store and reach a product of their choice. Additionally, they offer the customers complete product information as well as product recommendations without having an irritating salesperson following them around.

Gather Customer Feedback: Customer feedback’s are essential for the sellers so that they can improve the standards of their products and services. With iBeacon-powered apps, it becomes easy to gather reliable and genuine customer feedback. The app can be used to prompt the customer to share his reviews and ratings on the products and experience while they exit the store premises.

Retain App Users As Long-Term Customers: iBeacon apps serve amazing experiences that are capable of keeping the users engaged. They make a great platform to stay in touch with them and keep offering the regular push notifications related to product launches and in-store offers. This means that they have better chances to retain the users as long-term customers and have them back to shop.

The best thing about iBeacon technology is that it is affordable to adopt as these devices are reasonably priced and easy to install and set up. Once done, you have to approach an expert app development company to create an app so that you can put the technology into action. We, at Mobibiz, cater expert Android and iPhone application development services for developing outstanding mobile applications with advanced technologies such as iBeacons.

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