Consumer Behavior Drives The Creation Of Influential Mobile Apps

Consumer Behavior Drives The Creation Of Influential Mobile Apps

User experience is perhaps the most significant determinant of successful marketing strategy, whether you are selling via the web or mobile. The UX for smartphone users, in particular, is more crucial as they expect nothing short of perfection to be served by the mobile applications. App developers, therefore, need to get an in-depth understanding of the consumer behavior and expectations to live up to them. Whether you are a startup exploring the mobile territory for the first time or a seasoned enterprise, this is one aspect you cannot ignore.

Any mobile application development company would lay as much emphasis on delivering an enriching user experience as it would on creating high-tech smartphone applications. Looking at the trends in the recent years, the focus is now on paying attention to the micro-moments. These are those points of time during the user journey which are most likely to decide whether he will convert or not. The brands and businesses that are able to capture these micro-moments are able to win the hearts and dollars of the customers. For this reason, it is essential to recognize these special moments during the user journey and capitalize on them to create apps that are sure to succeed.

Key Elements of An Optimal Mobile Experience

Immediacy, relevance, and loyalty to consumer needs are the key elements that determine an optimal mobile experience. Let’s understand these better:

Immediacy: Smartphones usually drive impulsive decision as they allow the users to shop on the go. Therefore, they expect immediate gratification in terms of a fast checkout or quick search, for instance. Such an experience ensures that the user would stay on and even convert in most cases.

Relevance: Relevance is another thing that app users expect. For instance, a patient using a healthcare app would require quick access to the details of the best practitioners for treating his condition rather than having to do a lot of research. A mobile application that generates relevant information is bound to get good a response.

Loyalty to consumer needs: Any experienced iPhone or Android app development company would know the importance of delivering personalized user experiences. Consider the example of a retail store that used the iBeacon technology to provide location-based offers to shoppers in the vicinity. Similarly, e-commerce apps can utilize customer browsing data to send push notifications based on user preferences.

Based on these parameters, the customer journey on the smartphone app can be segregated into hundreds of micro-moments while they reach the buying decision. These moments could range from the time when the user wants to explore to the time he wants to close a transaction. An app that is accessible at all these moments and satisfies the immediate needs gets full marks from the user. Businesses that are able to understand these micro-moments and deliver positive experiences are able to capitalize on the phenomenal rise of the mobile technology.

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