Mobile UI Design Trends That Are Being Followed By App Developers

Mobile UI Design Trends That Are Being Followed By App Developers

An appealing UI design is essential for crafting an exceptional user experience, which in turn, translates into the success of a mobile application. For this reason, developers pay as much attention to the app design as they do to its functionalities. Primarily, the design should be focused on bringing together creativity and comfort to cater an intuitive experience for the user. In addition to adhering to the basic design fundamentals, it is also crucial to follow the latest trends to ensure that the app is attuned to the market scenario.

Let us check the 10 latest mobile app UI UX design trends that are being followed by app developers right now:

1. Motion design is grabbing attention
UI designers are using the captivating quality of motion for creating apps that are capable of attracting and retaining user attention. Such an app can transform the user experience and make it impressive to the core.

2. Hidden navigation patterns add value
Another feature that you must demand when you avail mobile application design services is that of hidden navigation patterns. This trend has been around for some years and is still in vogue because it declutters the interface, with the menu visible only when needed. This means that the screen space on your mobile will be freed up.

3. Material design for classy look and feel
Material design is a widely followed trend that is much appreciated for adding class to the entire look and feel of the mobile application. This design technique includes features such as gradients, shadows and subtle 3D effects that differentiate it from the conventional flat structure.

4. Gestures are enhancing UX manifold
Gestures are being added to the UI to enhance the user experience for better usability and retention. A combination of touch mechanics and touch activities, these gestures have changed the way users interact with the app as they replace the navigation buttons to create amazing experiences.

5. Color palettes go warm and soothing
Bright and vibrant colors are now being ditched for warm and soothing color palettes to create UI designs that are appealing, yet not loud. The contrasts being used are passive and subtle so that the users are able to read the content without straining their eyes.

6. Multi-app split screen for multi-tasking
The multi-app split screen is becoming another raging trend in the field of mobile app development today. As the name suggests, it enables the users to multi-task as they can easily switch between multiple apps running in multiple windows.This feature was earlier supported by iOS devices but soon will be available on Android too.

7. Attractive card layouts for easing navigation
Another trend that a majority of developers are following is that of attractive card layouts. These cards can be used to segregate related information and group it in specific boxes. Since these boxes can be accessed with a single tap, the information is easy to access. The cards can be sorted and swiped for easy navigation.

8. Diffused background for better visibility
The use of diffused background is gaining precedence as it does wonders with the text clarity and visibility. All the focus of the user remains with the app’s content and key features as the background becomes less striking.

9. Adaptive typography increases the readability too
Adaptive typography is another design trend that developers are integrating into the UI designs these days. The font type, the letter spacing, and hierarchy between the paragraphs are being decided with care so that the entire content is easily readable despite the limited screen sizes.

10. Simplified user interface remains an evergreen trend
Simplicity is an evergreen UI design trend as it translates into an intuitive user experience. The simpler the design is, the more is the value the app delivers for the user. Elements such as blank screen and outlined boxes do the trick.

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