10 Things That Differentiate Good Mobile Apps From The Ordinary Ones

10 Things That Differentiate Good Mobile Apps From The Ordinary Ones

Smartphones have become the lifeline of modern existence. For this reason, mobile application development has become an essential requirement for all businesses looking to capitalize on the smartphone user base. The result is that the app store is flooded with millions of apps today. With such stiff competition in the domain, it gets tough to stand apart in the crowd. The idea to gain traction is to offer something exceptional and this is what every client expects from the mobile app development company he chooses.

There are some points that should be stressed while determining whether an app they have created has the potential to win the race or will just mingle with the crowd. From the client’s perspective, it would be right to be aware so that you spend your money wisely. Here are the 10 things that differentiate good apps from the ordinary ones.

1. Outstanding user experience gets full marks
The user experience is undoubtedly the mainstay of the success of a mobile application. Versatility can be a plus point because an app that runs seamlessly on diverse devices and platforms brings in more users at the developmental cost of one.

2. Security adds value to the application
Security is another factor that adds value to the app as it offers complete protection to the confidential personal and financial details of the users. This is one crucial factor that you should absolutely demand if you are investing in iPhone or android app development in India or abroad.

3. A fast loading app scores high
Another parameter that makes a mobile application score ahead of others is its loading speed. Ideally, the loading time should be between 6 and 10 seconds, while anything over 15 seconds indicates that it is not well-optimized. The longer it takes to load, the more are the chances of users leaving it.

4. Visibility drives popularity
Since the app store is crammed for space, being visible is a big challenge. Therefore, apps need to be optimized for search engines so that they can reach the users. Additionally, they should have attractive icons so that the user is enticed to check them out.

5. Design and functionality are vital
Design and functionality are two factors that are critical for making an application better than its competitors. A simple, appealing interface with an uncluttered layout does a great job for the design. On the other hand, it should have all the features and functionalities to serve the purpose it has been developed for.

6. Adoption of tech innovations is a plus
Today, experts are embracing innovations such as the IoT, AR, VR, AI, and wearable technology for creating outstanding apps that deliver exceptional user experiences. Such apps definitely have a winning edge. For instance, you can avail wearable app development services for empowering your business with the wearable device application.

7. Offline functionality makes it a winner
Offline functionality is a feature that every business would want to have for its mobile app because the one that does not run on the offline mode loses its customers. Therefore, you must ensure the developers equip it with this functionality to differentiate it from the rest.

8. Low battery consumption makes it preferable
Energy efficiency is something that every smartphone user looks for. This applies to mobile apps too, as the ones that take a heavy toll on the device’s battery life tend to be rejected by the users.

9. User-friendliness is the key to success
Since a majority of mobile apps is meant for common people, they should be easy to download and easy to use. A simple, concise, and self-explanatory makes an application user-friendly. At the same time, it should have only the relevant features instead of a jumble of unneeded ones.

10. Regular updates foster usability and success
App success is not a one-time process that finishes with the development of a good one; it has to be updated and maintained throughout its lifetime to ensure that it continues to be useful for the users. Addition of new features and improvements makes the users stick around.

By ensuring these key value-additions in your business app, you can get assured benefits for your enterprise. At Mobibiz, we offer exceptional mobile experiences for our clients. We follow a rapid mobile app development methodology that brings together quality, affordability, and timely delivery of each application we create.

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