UI Design Principles That Every Mobile App Developer Needs To Know

UI Design Principles That Every Mobile App Developer Needs To Know

Mobile apps are becoming part and parcel of the current business scenario because undoubtedly, the smartphone is becoming a one-stop shopping destination today. As a result, the app store is crammed with millions of apps and survival in such tough competition is a big challenge. The answer lies in being different and serving something exceptional. The key factor in this regard is the design of the mobile application as an outstanding user interface delivers a great user experience.

The UI can be compared to the heart while the UX is like the soul of the application. Together, these two parameters determine the success of a mobile application to a considerable extent. The interface is perhaps more significant as it actually determines the kind of experience the app serves. Mobile app developers, therefore, need to be well aware of the design principles that are to be followed for making the apps stand apart in the crowd. While it is important to keep pace with the latest trends, there are some timeless principles which are to be kept in mind:

Consistency is essential
Consistency is something that makes the user comfortable, which means that he is more likely to stick with the app. Different sections must have coherence along with consistency in the layout’s flow. Elements such as color scheme, style, background images, effects, types and fonts, and buttons should be consistent irrespective of the platform or OS.

Simplicity enhances the app’s value
Simplicity is another key mobile UI design principle that is to be adhered to. The design should be free of ambiguity, with clear communication and simplicity of processes. Its elements need to be interactive and the tasks easy to understand and perform. Moreover, it should be clutter-free, ensuring that the redundant elements are reduced to the minimum.

Design should be for the user
The ultimate purpose of a mobile application is to engage the user and retain him for long-term. The design should, therefore, be user-centric and focus on fulfilling their needs and redressing their pain points. The developer should work on the principle of empathy rather than just on a bunch of stats. The user experience should be layered, with the features unfolding as the user tries to explore the app. Such an experience makes the app exciting for the user.

Mobile capabilities should be used to the app’s advantage
The smartphone market is flooded with devices that come with a range of amazing features. These capabilities should be capitalized by creating applications with innovative features. For instance, a majority of smartphone brands cater HD screens that support high-definition images play an instrumental role in enhancing the app’s look.

Create platform-specific designs
When it comes to design, the platform really matters. The layout for an Android app will not be same as that for a Windows or iPhone app. The reason is that every platform has certain design peculiarities, which are unique to it. Even if the app is being launched across all the platforms, things are not as simple as porting the code from one platform to the other. The look and feel have to be fine-tuned according to the needs of the diverse platforms.

Performance matters as much as design
Besides the design, performance is another key factor that drives the mobile application development process. The app layout should be impressive but it should be compatible with its performance. The performance parameters such as the content display, loading time, and navigation should be well-aligned with the design so that it gets the best of both.

Reflect A Brand Story Through Design
A mobile application is a powerful marketing tool that is meant to extend the brand’s reach by tapping the huge pool of mobile users out there. The UI plays a key role in this regard as it can actually narrate the entire brand story and connect well with the user. It can actually convert a user into a brand loyalist if the UI design is used intelligently to reflect the brand.

The implementation of these principles while designing mobile applications can unlock the secret to their success. At Mobibiz, we have a team of seasoned mobile app developers who have the skill and experience to cater exceptional designs and experiences with every application they create. We offer multi-platform expertise and have a track-record of serving solutions for clients across diverse industry verticals.

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