6 Essential Features That A Job Portal App Must Have

Features That A Job Portal App Must Have

Over the years, job portals have become the most important way of hiring people and hunting for jobs. On one hand, they give recruiters an access to the largest pool of resources and on the other, they open up myriad opportunities for professionals. As more and more people are keen on using mobile for everyday tasks, the job marketplaces too are interested in taking the mobile route. For this reason, many of them have already invested in job portal app development while more are following suit.

Such apps are likely to bring in more users because of the sheer portability and convenience they offer. The popularity can be capitalized upon by having all the right features in the application. You can discuss the same with the mobile application developer before starting with the development process. Here are some of the essential features that a job portal application must have:

It should run on popular platform(s)
The best way to reach the maximum number of users is to have an application that runs on popular platforms. While Android and iPhone are the winners any day, the focus now is on cross-platform applications. For this reason, cross-platform app development is a great option if you are looking to take your employment portal on mobile.

It should be blazing fast
Both recruiters and professionals are busy people and app speed matters a lot for them. A slow-loading application tends to test their patience and drive them away. Whether you are investing in a cross-platform, Android, or iPhone app development, make sure that you put performance at the top of your wishlist.

User Experience is paramount
A simple user interface along with a fluidic user experience is what every app user looks for. A dashboard view of the user account with easy browsing and searching processes promises a great experience for recruiters and job seekers. The app interface should be visually appealing and should not be cluttered.

Anytime access to user accounts should be possible
The real purpose of such a mobile application is to enable instant and anytime access to the user account as users stay signed into their profiles using their smartphones. The app should allow them to update their profiles on the go and also provide the ‘one click’ actions for sign-in, email, call, apply, shortlist, etc.

Customized notifications are a big plus
Like business apps, job portal apps too can leverage the power of push notifications. Customized notifications can be a big plus for the users as these can deliver them relevant messages based on their search histories. A better idea is to integrate the feature of location-based services to deliver recommendations based on the user location.

Social connect is essential too
The significance of social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn in the recruitment process cannot be overlooked. For this reason, social connect is a must for a job portal app as it lets professionals and employers extend their outreach and explore more possibilities.

These handy features can make a job portal application extremely useful as well as catchy. At Mobibiz, we offer expert mobile app development services to build a variety of mobile applications with rich features and functionalities. You can approach us to hire skilled app developers who can create a job portal app that serves seamless experiences to the recruiters and job-seekers.

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