5 Good Reasons To Invest In A Progressive Web App


The choice between mobile apps and mobile web has always been a tricky one but the emergence of progressive web apps has changed the equation. Also known as mobile web applications, these apps are browser-based mobile websites that can be installed, configured, and run on mobile devices to deliver outstanding user experiences. A progressive web app can also be defined as a mobile website which is enhanced with such features and functionalities that give it with an app-like feel. In simpler words, it is a website that delivers the feel of a native mobile application. It has an amazing range of features that make it stand apart from the regular web experiences.

  • A PWA can be pinned to the home screen, enabling the user to save the app and use it later.
  • It can maintain offline functionality using caching.
  • A custom loading screen along with smoother animations gives excellent user experiences.
  • A PWA has the ability to run in the background and provide push notifications even when the user is not active.

In addition to these core features, these apps have a lot more to offer. As a result, more and more businesses are keen on investing in progressive web application development. Here are some benefits that can avail for their businesses by empowering them with PWAs:

Easy Installation
Making an application visible on the app store is a big challenge for app developers and enticing users to install is even more difficult. The stiff competition and tough app store review norms account as the major reasons. Similarly, a slow internet connection can cause the application to download at a lingering speed and discourage the user. With progressive web applications, the app store is circumvented altogether and so are the speed and connectivity issues. These apps are easy to search and also easy to install.

High Performance
Mobile web apps excel in performance too as compared to their native counterparts. Not only do they have offline functionality but also are extremely data-light. They save up on data and load faster too, taking just a few seconds. Faster loading sites translate into lower bounce rate and better client engagement.

Feature Packed
Another reason for PWAs earning the reputation of being the new standard for web interactions is that they are able to use the power of device functionality to their advantage. They can work full screen, have access to the mobile home screen, and can use device functionalities such as the camera and location. They can also deliver push notifications, just like native apps do.

Ability To Drive Conversions
Being faster loading and easier to install, a typical PWA is far more capable of driving conversions as compared to regular native apps. The reason is that the shopping experience is much faster and far less complicated. Moreover, they always keep the users connected via messages and push notifications, even when the app is not running.

Serve As A Branding Tool
Progressive web apps serve as a powerful branding tool and open up new opportunities for the business to engage customers. These mobile responsive websites deliver high-end experiences in app-like settings, thus making the business brand a well-recognized one. Users are more likely to stick to them as they take up lesser device space yet are as good as native apps.

On the other hand, these apps lack in terms of access to the native system features in comparison to the native applications. However, seasoned app developers can overcome the issue by enhancing the core functionalities of the web app to match those of its native counterpart. Moreover, the purpose of a progressive web app is not necessarily to replace native apps. In fact, the two can work in tandem, with PWAs being used to prompt users to download the mobile applications in future.

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